Saturday, April 18, 2009

Slacker *UPDATED*

In more ways than one. I haven't posted too much lately. Strike that, I have posted a lot, but not in many different posts, usually I save it all up and post a hodge-podge of thoughts and emotions that make no sense and don't really go together.

But I'm also slacking on work! I was given a bunch of editing/proofreading stuff to do by my Dr. in the very beginning of March... and my lazy, pre-Hydrocort butt was too lazy to do any of it, and now she'd like them all by Monday at the latest! Eeek!! I really can't believe I put it off this long. I mean, it was nice enough for her to even give me this work to do for an hourly rate... so Divine Mercy Sunday will be Divine Proofreading Sunday for me. (I did get a big batch done today, but I have like 2 more big batches to go.)

And who else is a slacker? Oh, just about ALL of my clients!! I can't even tell you how many appointments have been cancelled, rescheduled, cancelled again, or no-shows this month! I just hope I'm not being too "easy." I mean, this IS my livelihood, here, not some hobby of mine! It really does affect me when I go from having 6 follow-ups scheduled in a week to just having ONE. Baaaahhh! Just another reason to get my ultrasound tech training done, so I don't have to rely on follow-ups solely for my salary.

I've been eating really healthy lately, and WHAT an improvement it has made! I spoke with the nutritionist that the HypnoFertility therapist recommended, but his rates were WAY too high for me to afford right now, so I decided to just listen to my body and my own logic, and just start buying healthy (organic if possible) foods. I love me some falafel wraps, so I think I had about 5 of them last week, lol! I make the falafel from a box mix by adding water, then broil it instead of frying. In the wrap I add thinly-sliced carrots, cucumber, tomato, red onion, and sometimes sprinkle flax seeds in there, too. I coat the wrap in tahini paste, first (I LOVE love love tahini in this wrap!!), and omg, the result is to die for. And let me just tell you, I have been more regular then I've ever been in my LIFE!
Tonight I'm making veggie burgers, with spinach, onion, and tomato.

I just saw a recipe in a magazine for a salad, and need to know if I'm the only one who thinks this is absolutely disgusting. It calls for potstickers, strawberries, and spinach. Potstickers??! Really?!??! It says you can substitute tortellini for the potstickers, which I may try, but yuck, I would NOT put strawberries with potstickers!! I'm wondering if someone copied this out of a recipe book that was ripped by accident. Kinda like Friends, with Rachel's Truffle. "A layer of whipped cream, a layer of strawberry jam, a layer of beef sauteed with peas and onions, a layer of ladyfingers..."

I took my increased oral antibiotics yesterday since it was CD 1. I did get pretty sick for about an hour, but hopefully that won't happen again. I need to take 1500 mgs now on days 1, 4, 8, and 12, instead of the usual 500 mgs days 1-10. Please God let this help!! (I was "feeling" my pelvic inflammation much more than ever this past cycle.)

Our 3rd meeting of the Catholic IF Support Group was this morning. By "our" I mean mine, and the 1 other lady who has attended the last two meetings!! Man, we started out SO WELL! I am hoping more people start coming out of the woodwork. I got so many responses and pre-registrations in the beginning, but then they never came :( I kept thinking of that line from Field of Dreams, "If you built it, they will come." I built it! Where are they?!?! I guess you can't force your help on others, huh?

**UPDATE: I almost forgot the most important thing! I happened to miss the special on EWTN with the Kurtz Family (Life on the Rock)- the amazing parents of 20 adopted children, who themselves went through infertility... anyway, by the time I realized it was even on, it was well past 8:00EST. As you all know, DH and I have been somewhat disillusioned in our adoption process lately, due to the concern of our SW over limited income/savings. DH is a self-employed general contractor, as you may remember.
OK, so as we are about to go to sleep on Friday night, I just flipped by EWTN at 1:00am (we usually don't stay up that late, so this was really odd for us), and there was a repeat of the Kurtz special! Of course we got sucked right in, and stayed up until 2:00am! Well, at one point, the father of the family was asked how he managed to handle all of his responsibilities as a Catholic father, husband, and family provider. His response: "Well, it hasn't always been easy. As a SELF-EMPLOYED GENERAL CONTRACTOR, there have certainly been good years and bad, financially." DH and I slowly turned to each other, mouths agape. This was a SIGN, if anything ever was! I am most definitely going to bring this up to our Social Worker at our next meeting with her (whenever that may be).


Karey said...

That's how our group was too, but it grew very slowly and finally, a year later, we have a core group of about five of us, with a couple others here and there. As a very wise nun once told me, all ministry groups start small. But just keep plugging away and know that you are helping even the one other person who is there.

And yes, that salad sounds kinda gross! Congrats on eating healthy! It's not easy, but definitely pays off.

Grace in my Heart said...

I love signs! The Kurtz family was such an inspiration! The fact they can swing it with that many kids is another sign that God always takes care of us.

Life In Mazes said...

So glad that God is sending you words of affirmation as you jouney your way to your children! This is so exciting. God will be so abundant in blessing to your family. By the way, in a book I have been reading "Life-Giving Love" by Kimberly Hahn, she says that her advice is always have one child more than you can afford! This must be the kind of faith this family had that adopted the 20 childrend. Oh, they said their is an old proverb that says "A child brings his own bread" meaning that God provides for all of us. He will give us our daily bread!

JellyBelly said...

i wish that we got EWTN! we would have to pay extra for it and i just can't justify spending even more on TV!

i definitely think that it's a sign. :)

Sissy said...

Yes, you can afford adoption. We may have to put some of it on our credit card, but we are bringing that baby home. You can do it.

Vent-ilation said...

That's totally a sign!

Fertile Thoughts said...

Wow you sound like your really swamped with work. Good Luck! Do you really think that Hydrocort makes adifference. If so I am looking forward to the new me. It would be nice to get things done for a change :)

Potstickers + strawberries = Disgusting. HAHA

I am going to try those wraps you mentioned. They sound really good. Thanks for the idea.

Certainly your SW should be told about the family on EWTN. Maybe that will help to straighten her out. God provides :)

LifeHopes said...

First off, I was cracking up at that recipe. It sounds AWFUL! (the one with the strawberries)

And we got to see the Kurz family special, too! We were so impressed by their generosity and left wanting to hear more from them. (the moderator seemed to do a LOT of the talking, did you think so?)

Anyways, I hope your support group gets some traction soon and your consults start showing up! I know how frustrating it can be when things just seem to be "on hold."

the misfit said...

That comment on EWTN does sound striking. Some of the people I know with giant families who never have trouble affording ANYTHING are self-employed contractors. It obviously varies based on the market, but it seems like an ideal profession to raise a big family, even.

As to the support group - that's the sort of thing that, if I saw it advertised, I would think that the people going had everything together, and I'm just kind of a basket case and would LIKE to go but do things like forget or be late. But I would expect it just to be there, and then, in a few weeks, I would get my act together and show up. I think you have to promise yourself ten or twelve weeks before you get an accurate idea of what the demand is, because of slackers like me. At the same time, if you have RSVP's, I think you should call those people, remind them when the next meeting is, and tell them that you are really interested in seeing them PERSONALLY, you'll miss them if they're not there (I mean, don't get upset if they really can't make it, of course). It's not harassment - it's what they need to hear. They'll come. I did this in peer ministry in college, and it really worked. (Of course, do I show up to anything now? No...)

dawn827 said...

It's funny that use the "if you build it they will come" At church yesterday we had a guest speaker that was talking about how he started his now very successful church. He started out just knocking on doors in his dorm to start a bible study after doing this for months nothing was happening.. finally he said he just started inviting them over for pizza and THEY CAME haha. i guess its hte hungry college students in them but over time he saved a bunch of lives and it took alot of dedication and love.. but anyways that big run on was to just tell u not to give up and i think the group sounds like it will be awesome!

Also i didn't know you were going to be a ultrasound tech! I was very interested in that for awhile and maybe even will pursue it one day. Let me know how it goes. Love you! Dawn L :D