Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Dream Being Followed Through... and Advice Needed

OK, so I had a meeting with another Ultrasound school today. It's funny how this happened. At first, the only school that got back to me was the first one, which has the 12-month program starting in September (12 months is the expedited program for those with a B.A. already). But I remember really liking the second school (F.ox Institute is the name of it) on the website, but they never got back to my online inquiry.

I did finally receive a call-back from them Monday night during CCD. We played phone tag for a while until Tuesday afternoon, when we lined up this meeting today. And I must say, I was sold from the first moment. The program is MUCH more professional looking than the 1st school's. It is focused much more on the clinical, hands-on aspect, and it ONLY accepts students who have a B.A. (They are both accredited, don't worry, that was my very first question.) It is 16 months, and the 1st 4 months are classes (on campus 2 x week for only 4 hrs each day). The next 12 months combine clinical experience (they place you in a lab somewhere close to where you live) and class... starting with 1 day per week on campus, then it goes to just online class time (sort of like a live streaming-video class thing). The schedule is MUCH more flexible than the other school, which had me in classes for 8 months, M-Th 8:30am-2:30pm!!

The ONLY pitfall is the tuition difference. This second school is $10,000 more than the first school. But honestly, I really think it's worth it for the caliber of graduates they produce. (I am also eligible to take the exam for licensure with the ARDMS - American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers - right after graduation... with the first school, I would have had to work for a year in the field before taking the exam. This is a BIG difference, considering come Nov. of this year, they are requiring all sonographers to hold a license, so without the license I wouldn't be able to find placement anywhere for a year if I went to the first school!!)

And here's the best part... they have had 2 students recently hold off their enrollment for the upcoming semester, so 2 spaces have just opened for this semester... and it starts... MAY 4th!!! Less than 2 weeks!!!
It's a private school, too, so they don't just accept anyone (which will make my mother feel a lot better - when I voiced this dream to her a few weeks ago, she asked if I wasn't "too smart" to become an u/s tech. She thought I'd be better suited for medical school! Ha! Sure, Mom, if you'd like to pay for Med School, by all means, I'll take my MCATS and enroll tomorrow!)

I'm so stoked! I really hadn't planned on starting so soon, but things are looking like I will be! I'll be getting a huge loan out, of course, but I've also been finding a ton of scholarships online that I'm going to be applying for. Did you know there are scholarships for people going into a health care field who have a blood disorder?? Now, I know it's a stretch, but hey, I have the MTHFR, so I may as well use it to my advantage, kwim?!!!
My application essay will go something like this: "Please give me $$, because I want to become an u/s tech and help other people. I can't afford it since I spent all my $$ on fertility treatments. I can't get pg, because I have the MTHFR. So, if you MTHFRs will kindly show me the $$, I can make something of my life instead of living a barren existence, alone and helpless in my MTHFR." I'm totally winning that scholarship. Like, how can they say no to that?

I already looked for scholarships for women with PCOS, endo, infertility, etc. No dice. That kinda blows. When I die, a rich, childless old woman in my bed, I'm going to have someone set up a scholarship in my name for women who have infertility. If a gal can't get knocked up, and goes broke trying to get knocked up, then by golly, she deserves a chance to go get educated in a new field of her choice, change careers, and earn back some moo-lah!! I'll call it the "No Bun in the Oven, So I Gotta Bring Home the Bacon" Scholarship.

And now about that advice I needed.

Monday is my last class of CCD. :( :( :( I have really enjoyed my kids this year!! They. Were. AWESOME! I am not kidding, I don't know any other group of 4th graders as awesome as these guys. God blessed me beyond compare. Did I tell you that we read the entire children's format of Stations of the Cross for AN HOUR AND A HALF the class during Holy Week? They were attentive, they asked questions, they absorbed everything... it was unreal! I'm going to miss them.

Anyway, the advice I need is this. We know how powerful the prayers of children can be. Our Lady, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus especially are sensitive to these little ones' prayers. Do you think I should ask them after our last class to please pray for me and DH, and tell them about how we hope to become parents?? I just don't know if that is stepping over some line or not? What would you do?

I am leaving tomorrow for NY. My parents got DH a gift certificate for The C.ulinary I.nstitute (where DH went to school, and where we got married) for his 30th bday, so we are having lunch at the Escoffier French restaurant tomorrow! I'll be staying through the weekend, to make some arrangements with my sister/s for my parents' 40th Anniversary Party. They'll be celebrating 40 Years of marriage on August 30th :)
I'll probably get online, but won't be posting anything this weekend.


Sew said...

That is fantastic! Will you be ultra sounding wombs with babies?

The moment you tell those kids to pray for you to become a parent they will run home and tell their parents. :) So if that is okay with you I don't know why it won't hurt! ;)

I really like that school. It doesn't seem to suck out all of your time.

Do you know where you want to work after you graduate?

Praying for Hope said...

Walk carefully about telling the kids. Sew is right, it won't take their parents long to hear of your request. And it could be stepping over a line - not that I think it would be, but people are awfully sensitive about what their kids are exposed to these days. If you ask for their prayers, I'd keep it vague.

FYI, have you tried looking up other loan and grant information? I work with businesses who are forever asking for handouts. I wouldn't count on any grants (despite popular belief, the government is not in the habit of giving out free money). I've run into two websites that provide information on state and federal financing and resources, and not just for business. They're and There's also another site which might (or might not) be useful:

Fight The Good Fight of Faith said...

I consulted all the kids in my family and have quite a few friends kids praying for me. I think they totally work. I have a couple of friends children(and my sister's little girl) who have told me that their child prays for me and my DH every night before going to bed.
I think that even just telling them that they will all be in your prayers and to pray for you as you need prayers too would be good enough for our Lord! He knows!

Best of luck with your U/S school I hope you get some $$ to help you out!!

prayerfuljourney said...

I agree...I think the children will tell the parents which may raise questions. Have them pray for your "special intention" or something like that with out details. I'm teaching my 3rd grade CCD class the Rosary and I had each of them say a Hail Mary...I was touched especially when my boys sat with their hands in prayer! I'm going to keep doing think by sharing the makes the Rosary more special for the children. Good luck with your education! I know about expenses...I'm in grad. school! Hey, I like that idea of getting some grant money or gov money to help pay for college for women who have IF. Heck, we pay out of our noses for treatment! Hmmmm....God Bless.

Vent-ilation said...

Your scholarship name is hysterical! Go for it... there's got to me so much government assistance out there now for education, right? I mean, there is for everything else nowadays ;) Have a GREAT weekend!

Grace in my Heart said...

I believe children's prayers go straight to heaven! I prayed one decade of the rosary with my 1st graders every day last year and always asked them to pray for a very special intention that I had (an adoption.) They often asked me what my intention was and I would just say that it was something very special. That worked for 1st grade- you might need to come up with something else for 4th grade. But the fact that the class is almost over, I think you'd be fine unless they see you at church... :)

The last week of school is when we found out about little Tommy. Even though the adoption didn't work out, I know credit for his arrival in my arms was due to the children's prayers. These kiddos will definitely think of you in their prayers at night, so I say go for it!

E said...

I am so happy for you about the school stuff! Whoo hoo!! Something postitive in your life!!! Have fun in NY!!! Maybe you could ask the kids to pray for you and DH, for a special intention?!??!