Friday, March 27, 2009

Learning to Adjust to New Plans

Well, the PLAN was to go to today and purchase the beautiful honey-wood nursery furniture that I've had on my wishlist for more than 1 1/2 yrs now... it is Morigeau-Lepine, and just GORGEOUS! Here is a picture:

Isn't it divine? And we will be doing pergo floors, with different colored walls, too! (Now you know where I got the idea!)

Well. I got to and started looking for the Morigeau catalogue. (The way it works is, there is no inventory on the premises of DB. Instead, they have shelves and shelves full of catalogues, with pictures of the merchandise. Then there's a pricelist in the back of each catalogue.) Guess what? No Morigeau book. I thought, hmm, that's weird, because they have it at DB online, which is where I bookmarked it... so I went to ask for help. And? They longer carry the manufacturer!! I was heartbroken (and also pissed! Why now??!!) Apparently, the manufacturer stopped working with them in November- - I was so close! (When I came home and did some research I found out why. They went bankrupt!! It was a high-end, family-run furniture place in Canada... JB and Eilyn, I'm sure you've heard of them... and in the present economy they found that people were buying less and less of the high quality stuff!!! They had to declare bankruptcy! JUST MY LUCK!!)

So, not to be deterred from my quest for a moment, I immediately switched gears and said, "OK, hon. Let's get bedroom furniture and new tables for the living room."

We found perfect coffee tables/end tables from Riverside. Here they are:

It is JUST what I was looking for! I love that it combines dark wood with slate tile top and glass.

And now for the crown and glory... the bedroom set!! (I've had it earmarked in the DB magazine for months, now, but never thought we'd be able to get it this soon!):
It's called Romantique, and it's a dark cherry wood.

Those are all of the pieces we got :) It should arrive within 12 weeks, plenty of time for me to clean the bedroom. (We do have furniture already. Maybe I should clarify that. We have a bunch of hand-me-down furniture of DH's grandmother's, great-Aunt's, and sisters. But it is seriously worn down, and doesn't all match.)

The only thing I need to do now is get a red teddy, so that I can strut around my new bedroom set like this chick:

Hahahaha, isn't that hysterical?? C'mon now, who does that?

So, after we worked out all the #s, and realized what an awesome deal we were getting for all the furniture, I looked at DH and said (you SWs would be so proud of me!), "What do you think, should we get a flat screen tv, too?"

You would have thought he was 5 yrs old on Christmas morning!! He ran, and I mean RAN over to the Samsung catalogues and started leafing through looking for his perfect 52"er :) We didn't get it yet, because they still need to check on some prices for us, but he got a large downpayment today (see, I TRUSTED and look what happened!) so we should be able to pay of the credit card quickly and put the television on it soon. Our crib is going to be DOPE, yo!

I am still pretty bummed that Morigeau Lepine is out of business. I really researched brands a lot before I picked them out. I did find a listing on craig.slist for a honey nursery set, but it's not exactly the same one as above. Still, I emailed to see if they would be willing to ship. (It's in Atlanta. I'm in NJ.) Keep your fingers crossed for me!! Or if you know anyone who wants to get rid of their Morigeau HONEY wood nursery furniture, let me know!!!

All in all, though, this was a terrific day. We turned our plan around quickly once we realized the initial plan was a no-go. And maybe, just maybe, infertility taught us how to do that.


the misfit said...

If I had that red teddy (or is it more of a...nightgown? I thought teddies were sort of, well, no longer than a bathing suit, but more see-through), I would strut ALL over the place. I mean, I might not pose by my furniture.

Yay for a successful shopping trip. The stuff you found looks just beautiful.

Sew said...

That doesn't sound like too bad of a plan to adjust too! ;)

Love the furniture!! Beautiful!

E said...

IF can definately teach us to readjust our sails. I LOVE the new furniture. In fact, the only furniture that we have bought on our own together is our bedroom furniture. Everytime I get something out of get into bed I think,'this is some of the BEST money we ever spent!'

Jeremiah 29:11 said...

Congrats on the new furniture! I know how exciting it is to get when you've been waiting so long. Our living room and dining room were completely empty for the first year of our marriage - not a single piece of furniture! It was so exciting when we finally got some. Enjoy. :)

Hafsa said...

Good for you for not completely tripping out over the upset, I'm not sure I would have handled it as well as you. I love the new furniture and it looks so modern but traditional. i love dark wood for furntiture. The bedroom set looks awesome, I think DH and I will def. have to spring for bedroom furniture one of these days.

Beth said...

Wow that is some beautiful furniture! Don't you feel like a real adult - haha! We are still living with all hand me downs!