Saturday, February 28, 2009

MIA... Text Me!

I leave tomorrow for EPI. Not mine, but another session being offered at the same retreat center where I had mine. I offered to go help for the week with the cooking/preparing meals, etc. I'm also looking forward to a nice, quiet "retreat" of sorts, though to be perfectly honest, I am not quite sure how much free time I'll have. I have Sew's book that I'm dying to read, I'll be cooking and serving meals all day, I am bringing some proofreading work to do for my job, and during the days, I am also hoping to freshen up my Practitioner skills by sitting in on some key classes.

Tonight I had promised to make eggplant parm and chicken soup for Monday's lunch and dinner.

I remember how cold that building is (even in May), so that is one thing I'm not looking forward to. Blech :( And while I am bringing the laptop, I don't think there is internet or wi-fi, so I will be sans computer. Whatever will I do???!!

If someone gets BIG news, pleeeeease text me!! Sew and FJIEJ have my #.

Oh, and so far only 2 of the blood clotting results came back, both negative. I forget which ones. If they're all negative, I will be completely convinced that my tubes are blocked again... which will stink, since I can't do anything about that until my appeal is processed with the insurance. AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH, why is it that when I take 1 step forward, I always have to take 2 steps back?!


Hafsa said...

Have a great time, we'll miss you in the blogging world though :)

E said...

Have a great week! I have been helping with our last couple EP's and they are so great. The students are great and they are so appreciative. I am jealous that you can go and do that, I can't wait sometimes to quit my FT job. Call my if you want updates, too!

Percolating Petals said...

Have fun...thanks for the good wishes. The group meeting went very well!!

Welcome! said...

Thanks so much for the info on DH. Its gonna be a long road to have him tested. I guess we have been focused on my health... and he just wasnt ready to hear anything concerning him. I do have a copy of Dr. Hilgers medical textbook on NaproTechnology. George read all about endometriosis when we found out thats what I had.... last night he said he was gonna read about the male factor to get more info. I guess he is so into Theology of the Body teaching that having someone look at his sperm, for him, totally takes away his reference point on the bigger picture. Again, thanks for the info, I looked it up on the web last night.