Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Little More about Adoption

Well, today I received an email from our social worker, saying that our preliminary application was approved! (Actually, the EXACT wording was that we "seem to meet the requirements" for approval. I almost started freaking out about that "seem," but then took a breath and said, "who cares? We're still approved!") The next step is to sign up for an informational meeting (which we already did, it's next Wednesday), and set up a first meeting with her, to answer our questions, etc. We will be meeting her right before the info. meeting next Wednesday.

Last Friday, I received a phone call from another agency, one that I had signed up to receive an info packet from online. She asked me all kinds of questions like our bdays, hair and eye color, height, weight, health history, etc... I asked her to repeat the name of the agency, and when she said it (A.doption N.etwork C.enter), I was confused, since they had responded to my request for info with an email that said they couldn't help me in my State of residency...??? She said, "Oh, I know nothing about that. Call me back when you get your packet in the mail, and I'll look into it in the meantime."

So now I'm thoroughly confused. This ANLC seems really good- because they're a law center, they take utmost care with all legal aspects of domestic adoption. (They only do domestic.) They also are not an "agency" per se, so they are not limited with the funds they spend on advertising... which means they reach many more birthmothers than typical agencies. The average wait time after signing up with them until placement is less than 9 months!! Sounds insane, but apparently it's true.

Anyway, of course I'm taking all of this info with a grain of salt. I really, really feel comfortable with the agency I've already started with. But what if I was too hasty in this choice? What to do, what to do??!!

I'll be calling ANLC tomorrow to see what the deal is (about my State). Then I'll get their fees, schedule, etc. and talk it all over with DH. I have a feeling we'll still be going with our original choice, though.

As for fertility news: I finally had some peak-type mucus today! CD 11. I spoke to my Dr. briefly this evening, as I was leaving from a follow-up at the office, and she is coming in early Friday to do an u/s and post-coital, just for me :) (I am leaving Friday afternoon for a ski weekend, and she is usually closed Fri-Sun.) She also said she wrote Dr. S a letter explaining that I just had testing/treatment with Dr Toth for infection, so she thinks it would be a good idea for me to get another selective HSG with him.
I feel like a lot of things are going pretty slowly with the fertility stuff lately. I'm waiting on the SHSG. I'm waiting on the possible Hydrocort treatment from Dr. H. I had to wait for the post-coital for this cycle. At least the adoption stuff is moving, at least for the time being. (Then again, I haven't reached the "Waiting" stage yet, and yes, that's what it's actually called!! I guess you can never escape waiting when you have IF.)


Teresa & Connie said...

What an incredible journey! I'm so excited for you. Wouldn't it be a friggin hoot if you signed adoption papers with a big baby belly in tow???

Kathryn said...

You will end up with the right agency because God has a child in mind for you and you'll find him/her through that agency!!

So exciting!

LifeHopes said...

I get SO stressed worrying about agency stuff.

Picking the right agency is SO not easy!

Sew said...

That is so awesome! 9 months! You can wait 9 months!!! Ha!

Sissy said...

This is my first time visiting you, but my husband and I are in the adoption process as well (after PCOS and two years of frustration.) I wanted to say though, to let your instincts guide you about the agency. The ANLC is probably an adoption counselor and they can be a little shady. Most counselors pay the max to the birthmom...well, you pay it. The max the law allows, which can be a pretty big figure. If you like the people you are with, then stick with em! Course, you may know all this already, so at this point I will shut up.

Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

Thank you for the advice, Sissy. It looks like they do not work with NJ, anyway, which is probably a good thing. Your instincts about them are most likely dead on.

Best of luck with your adoption, too! Where are you in the process?