Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I took the drugs...

I don't see why, though. Seems like a perfectly good waste of eggs to me.

Today we had a transracial adoption meeting. It was very enlightening, and I think I am about 75% convinced that DH and I can handle a transracial adoption, whereas DH is about 50% convinced. Still, it's progress!

This paperwork is INSANE! Seriously, there is just so much to gather up and write, etc. Since it's a Christian agency, they are also requiring a written statement of our faith, to include what we believe about Jesus Christ and what our relationship with Him is, and how the work of the Holy Spirit is active in our lives. That alone is freaking me out- - how can you write anything that serious so candidly? I feel like I should be putting more effort into organizing my thoughts for the statement of faith than I did with my senior thesis in college!

We also have autobiographies to write, and I'm really enjoying writing mine. Mostly for the first couple of paragraphs. They want us to include how we felt about our childhood in the autobiography, so I started mine with a story from college. It opens like this:

While at lunch with some friends during my senior year of college, the question was posed: “What would you change about your childhood if you could go back and change it?” After thinking long and hard about it, I answered: “I would change how my mom would always pour the milk in my cereal and THEN call me to breakfast before school. By the time I got to the table, my cereal was always soggy, and I HATED that!”
After some blank stares and gaping mouths from my friends, one of them finally exclaimed, “Are you kidding??! THAT’S what you’d change about your childhood? Your mom prepared you breakfast every morning, and you’d like to change the consistency of it? I’d say you had a pretty awesome childhood if that’s all you’d change about it!”
Now, I’m not saying my childhood was picture perfect. But the point of sharing that story with you is that when I am asked to recall my childhood overall, I remember it as being pretty wonderful. I was a happy kid.

and then I continue along the lines of what activities I did as a kid in school, and what my home life was like, etc etc. But that first story is a true one. And it's also true that I COULD NOT STAND soggy cereal :P Still can't. I promise to never pour the milk in my child's cereal bowl before they are ready to eat it!!!

That's about all the updates for today. I am much more focused on the homestudy right now than on TTC. Not sure if that will change when I'm ovulating or not, but probably not. I have the drive right now to plough through and get the homestudy complete, so I can finally be in "waiting" for match and placement. I'm just so tired of the TTC roller-coaster, and I need more light at the end of this tunnel. Adoption is affording me that extra light, which is fantastic.


JellyBelly said...

i admire your outlook TCIE! i know that we're not ready for the adoption step, yet. the only thing that i've done is go on a few websites from agencies in my province. my heart just doesn't feel like it's time right now.

i'm glad that the homestudy and other adoption stuff is providing a good distraction. i find that when i'm busy (like with marking and report cards right now) i don't even think of TTC!

Karey said...

It took me a while, but I can honestly say that waiting to adopt has finally taken some of the pain of infertility away. Not all of it, or even most of it, but it has given me something to look forward to. It allows you the confidence that your family will be growing soon, you know?

It's funny how different states and locations are so different when it comes to adoption. I wanted to adopt transracially, and we won't be able to since there are enough couples of various races waiting along with us.

prayerfuljourney said...

I was blessed with a magical childhood too. I was happy and had a very good family to grow up with. I hope that if and when we have a baby I can give my child the same kind of childhood. I was definitely NOT pushed to grow up early like some kids are doing today. I was a baby of five children so that might have something to do with it. :) By the way...my mom made me breakfast before school too. I loved it. Eggs, french toast, cereal (she did not put milk in it for me) and a cup of hot tea, juice. I still love a good breakfast and my morning coffee. And so does my DH.

Hafsa said...

You are moving forward on this thing. Wow! You're in my prayers.

Sissy said...

I know about the paperwork. We used a Christian agency as well and our statements of faith were three pages or so...lots of questions. Wait til you get to the Home Study questionnaire...ours was 45 pages. No joke. I know what you mean about the paperwork. It gives you something you can control and I needed that as well. I couldn't control my body, but I could sit down and get all that paperwork done.

We had to take a class about transracial adoption and it helped us choose what races we wanted to include on our child specific checklist. In the end, our social worker helped us think about our community, church and school, and whether certain races would feel isolated. There are only four African American kids at the school where our child will go, so our social worker said that it might not be the best fit for us. I loved that she counseled us through that, because I wanted to make a choice in the best interest for the child. I would take any baby, but I had to think about whether we were right for ANY baby.

Ok, I rambled.