Saturday, February 21, 2009

Catholic Infertility Support Group

I just have to thank E & E from FJIEJ for traveling a LONG way to come to our first meeting of the Catholic Infertility Support Group! Their presence, along with their personal testimonies were much appreciated, and really added an additional level to the group this morning. Plus, we had lots of fun afterwards at lunch with them :)

So, it ended up a little smaller than I thought- 2 of the women who had pre-registered did not end up coming, but we did have 7 people there total. I also have to thank Lottie and Tate from for the great advice about how to run a meeting like this, as well as the St. Louis Diocese Support Group for providing the agenda that we used (loosely) today.

I'm looking forward to being able to get guest speakers and different topics for future meetings. Fortunately, I've already had a few people email me about their "success stories," in the hopes of being able to share them with our group- so one month will probably be Success Month :)

As nice as the internet support is (and trust me, I do NOT take this blog for granted, and all of the amazing friends I've made through it), there is something about being able to support other women and couples IN PERSON. DH and I agreed that today just made us feel REALLY, really good. Better than we've felt in a long time, actually. We're so glad that our Diocese has been so helpful and supportive in getting this group underway.

Here is the article that just ran earlier this month in our Diocesan newspaper:

PS. Sew, I received your "package" in the mail today, and am soooo excited to bring it with my to confession and ask for a blessing with it!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I'll have it back in the mail to you on Monday.


Karey said...

Seriously? We have never once had seven people attend and we've been doing ours for a year. That is really unbelievable!

Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

I owe it all to the awesome Family Life Director- - between the ads and articles in The Catholic Spirit, and the majority of the parishes running bulletin ads for weeks in advance, it really did the trick. (Of course, my parish did not run the ad... oh well!)

E said...

We were SO happy to be there, too! We talked on the way home and realized that it is so healing to find support from others face to face. (Not that I don't totally appreciate my online friends who have been so important to my journey!!!) Thank you so much for the courage to put this group together, it just may spur me to set one up here. :) You guys are so great!!!

Sew said...

Do I have to go through my NFP director at my diocese to do this? How can I circumvent her at first. ? :)

JellyBelly said...

congratulations on the great turnout!!!

there's a morning light ministry (for pregnancy loss and infertility) that's run at a neighbouring parish by a good friend, but i don't know if i could handle talking about IF in real life. i'm so lucky that i've found so many supportive friends in the bloggosphere. i would've already lost my mind if it wasn't for all of you!