Monday, February 2, 2009

"Barren and Blessed: The Plight of Infertility"

Reminder, tonight on EWTN (in 2 hrs!!) - Abundant Life is airing an episode devoted to Catholic Infertility!!!

You can watch online, too, if you don't have EWTN, but I believe you have to watch it live (at 10:00pm EST). If you miss tonight, it is on repeat at 2:00pm on Wednesday, as well.

Will come back and share thoughts on the episode later :)

**ETA: So after the show (actually, during the show, pretty much all evening) I had a massive headache and was nauseous to boot :( (LOL, nauseous to boot, interesting choice of words, huh?!) Anyway, sorry I didn't come back with thoughts on the episode, but I was SO EXCITED to hear them talk about Dr. S.tegman, who performed my surgery!! How cool that he helped the President of the Catholic Medical Association's DIL to conceive (and she's an ob/gyn)! Yay, Dr. S.tegman!

I was also really impressed with Kristin, being able to speak so candidly about her fertility. I hope that when the ob/gyn spoke about NaPro and onemoresoul, it got Kristin to seek out other treatments that would work for her! (And Sew, I haven't seen her blog, do you have it?)

One of my favorite parts was when the author of "Bearing the Unbearable" spoke about the story of Abraham sacrificing Isaac. He made the obvious parallel to God giving up His only son for us, and that the majority of the New Testament speaks of this story to show us that we should trust in God. However, he said that this story was so very poignant for the struggle of IF, because it shows that God gave an ultimate gift to Abraham and Sarah (who thought themselves barren) in giving them a son... and then He took it away (or, almost anyway). With us humans, God has given us all the ultimate gift of fertility- a gift which allows us to participate in God's most sovereign role as Creator- and for some of us (with IF), He takes that gift away. Why? We don't know. But why did He also ask Abraham to give up his gift, the same gift He had bestowed on him? All we can do is trust that God knows what is best for us, not question His actions.

Anyway, I'm ss I didn't post the link to see it online. I don't actually have the link, but remember seeing it a while ago on Apostolate of Hannah's Tears.

All-in-all, a very good show. I'm so glad they took the time to focus on the struggling of, imo, such an important cross that so many of us carry.


JellyBelly said...

we don't get the station! well, we can, but we have to pay for it! eek!

thanks for the tip though!

Sew said...

I think I might have DVR'ed it.

But I am not sure if I got it or not! I saw it from one of the girls who was on the show has a blog. Did you see her blog??

prayerfuljourney said...

I got to watch the show last night. I thought it was pretty good. I don't know if I could talk about my IF experiences like Kristen. She's brave! I found it ironic that on the show they talked about how Dr. Hilgers has developed one of the best methods in curing endo and other IF issues. My dr told me that same exact thing at my appt yesterday. Was that a sign from God? I did hear some other good messages too. I really thought about how I can use my IF for the greater good of God and others. Having a child is not a right given to me...a child is a gift from God. If he isn't going to give me a gift of a child then I need to be open to other gifts he is giving to me. I guess that is why I call my own blog "Accepting God's Will". I really want this to be the year my hubby and I either find out we can have children or if not, then put it to rest and move on...move on to seeking our gifts from God. I keep praying!!

E said...

Darn! I live in the bible belt and my are is very anti-catholic and can't get EWTN!!! Anyone know where I can view this online?

JellyBelly said...


if you dvr'ed the show is there any way that you can copy it and send it to me?

if not i'll get my hubby to call the cable people and see if they can give it to us for free (he's really good at getting channels for free!).

thanks in advance!

Sew said...

I have EWTN but I didn't see it... It was Joe Arryo news on at 10.????So I wasn't able to see or get it.

:( I am looking for her blog! I hope I can find her again. That is how i knew about the showing.

Sew said...

Living Advent said...

Thank you so much for posting about this show. I watched most of it online today. I'll have to try to catch the first 15 min the next time it airs. I really liked what I saw of it. Thanks again! Blessings, LA