Thursday, February 19, 2009


21.3 was my progesterone results from P+8. (I couldn't get to the lab on P+7, plus, I secretly kinda like doing it at P+8 so that if they're "still high" I can pretend I'm pregnant. Of course, this doesn't always work out too well, because I can only guess what the level was at P+7, to know if it is higher or lower at P+8!)

My first reaction was, of course, devastation. I know 21.3 is a good, solid number at P+8, but when you're used to numbers like 43, 36, 29... it suddenly doesn't seem so hot. And of course, the nurse gave me the results as I was there today waiting for a follow-up client, so all through the follow-up I had to grin and bear it as if I wasn't dying on the inside.

Then I came home to a house that reeked of diarrhea (I know, nasty... my cats got wet food last night since we ran out of dry), and a mystery stain on the living room rug. Mystery Stain = a dark yellow stain that could have come from either a cat or a dog, from either a mouth or a... other side.

As I was cleaning the stain, I got a phone call from the Dr. She wanted to make sure I got the results from my P+7. I said I did, and then admitted I was a little bummed it wasn't higher. "It should be higher if I'm pregnant, right?"

She proceeded to tell me that she was just having a conversation today with someone about this very issue (progesterone levels in early pregnancy at P+7), and that no matter how much you want to be able to tell, you just can't from the progesterone numbers at P+7. I told her that it was actually P+8, and 9dpo, and her response was that this is even better, then. (I love her.) Apparently, before about 10 or 11 days past Peak, the progesterone tends to make an upward and a downward curve (peaking at day 7 usually), and that she has seen them just take off after implantation occurs. She said my numbers are consistent with a multiple rupture, and she reiterated that 21.3 is really, really good for 9dpo.

So now, of course, I'm back to not knowing anything. Which is at least better than feeling like it was all over, like I did before I spoke to her. I am really having a tough time just giving this to God! I even said a prayer to Our Lady of Mount Carmel last night, and repeated three times: "Sweet mother, I place this cause in your hands." She's probably looking down at me going, "Um, LIAR!" It's just so hard! How can I not obsess when this COULD be it??


Sew said...

Throwing up diaherra! C I'm not the only one!!! hahahahaha

Oh my gosh I am in tears right now! You crack me up!

Then the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel looking down on you saying LIAR!

Seriously, I have cramps!

So is that your own body making that kind of progesterone. What are the 43, 36, 29 numbers from? That is just a lot more than 8.4.

If you figure out how not to obsess let me know!! I say obsess! You can't loose anything! Well maybe your soul and sanctification! hahahaha! Ur burning in hell I tell you!!! hahaha

I can't stop laughing! But now I must sound like I am on crack

Karey said...

So I guess I am totally clueless about progesterone because my first thought when I read that was 'wow, that's really good'! Oh well. I should just stop pretending like I know what is going on. Remember, I'm the one who was told by my doctor that 8.2 is perfect!! So, correct me if I'm wrong here.. but a progesterone level in the teens is great, meaning your body is working right (as in we don't need supplements), but if you conceived then it should be higher?

And I feel for ya on the pet stains! I am always listening for that sound warning that puking is imminent, and then I promptly move the cat or dog off of whatever carpet they're on. And they always want to move back! It's like they want to puke on the rug!

Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

I'm lmbo over here :) This convo is too funny!

Apparently I know didly squat about progesterone, AYWH. And here I thought I was a pro. What I know is that as soon as I started Oing on Clomid, my first P+7 results were up there in the 40s, 30s, etc. That was the time (like my timebar says) that my Dr called me up and told me to test at P+9, because she thought with #s like that, I was probably like 7 wks pg and just didn't know it. HA!

But since then they've been much closer to normal, on medication. On O meds, they like to see the #s at 15 at P+7. Without O meds, anything above 10 at P+7 is good. (Which is why I think your P+8 level of 8.2 was "perfect," because at that point it would have been coming down.)

Now, where I got confused, and what I just learned, is that the #s evidently peak at P+7 and then start to go down EVEN IF you're pg. They will only shoot back up again once your body starts producing hCG (after implantation). I had no idea. I guess I thought the corpus luteum had some kind of magic radar, and would know immediately if the egg had been fertilized :)

So that's why I'm back at square 1. Yes, it seems my #s were going down (they should have been closer to 30-something at P+7, with 3 eggs), BUT, it doesn't mean I'm not pg. Sigh. I hate this.

And Sew, I'm having a lot of fun making my little hand-gestures for my talking Mary hand puppet. Me: "I place this in your hands." Mary, in a squeeky voice: "Liar!"

Sew said...

We must have childlike faith to get into heaven. Can I borrow those puppets! ;)

E said...

Great #'s!!! I want to fast forward to next week for you!

LifeHopes said...

I too am totally confused about progesterone levels now! But TCIE your last comment helped a lot.

I guess its - yet again- one more opportunity to surrender it over and trust that God is working out His perfect will in our lives.

On the up side, thank God your levels are nice and healthy!

Jeremiah 29:11 said...

Ok, so I'm still totally confused about these numbers!!!! (Hence the reason for my last post.) Thanks for sharing what you DO know, because it's much more than me!

I like LifeHopes comment... one more thing for us to surrender. It seems useless at times to try and understand.

Our Lady of Kibeho, pray for us. :)

Vent-ilation said...

The Biss.ell Little Gre.en works WONDERS for cleaning up pet stains! We have beige carpets and 2 cats... ick... but it makes the spots disappear.

Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

Vent, wouldn't you know it, my mom bought us the Biss.el this Christmas!! I've been waiting to use it, I guess now I can :)

Have you used yours on upholstery, yet? It says you can, as long as the filling is white/colorless. I seriously need to do a good upholstery cleaning sometime.

Beth said...

Ooh, I need to get the bissell, cause my kid peed on the couch where Sew Infertile will be sleeping in a few weeks - haha j/k Sew!!

That number sounds great A. Like I told Jeremiah, my prog at 14 dpo when I was pregnant and on prometrium was 33.3 and they said that was an awesome number.

Sew said...

Funny Beth!!! Oh I hope my bowel gets angry when I see you!!!

Beth said...

Poor TCIE - we're hijacking her comment box! That's ok, I am sure we have leftover Fleet products :)

Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

Sew, you can get back at her by throwing up diarrhea on her couch :P