Monday, February 9, 2009


So, I haven't quite been paying attention to the # of posts as they appear every time you sign in to blogger... and I missed my 100 Anniversary! So, here's post #141 :)

I had a couple of u/ss this cycle, as planned. What did not go according to plan is the post-coital. For some reason, I tend to ovulate on a weekend. So I missed the window to do a post-coital. Technically, I could have had one today, but my Dr was booked all morning, and I had CCD to teach at 4:30, so only had time for a quick u/s this afternoon.

Also, I got a call from Dr S's office, saying they can't schedule my SHSG until my account is settled :( I still have an appeal in the works with my insurance over the bill for the Dr from my surgery 4/4/08. It's actually the 2nd appeal. What happened was, the Drs office talked to them before my surgery, and in that phone call, the insurance rep told the Drs office that they were in-network, and covered at 100%. Then the bill came, not a lot (they only allowed a very small percentage of what Dr S billed... which I think it terrible. The man does SO MUCH, and only gets paid a fraction of what he's worth)- and we could have set up a payment plan to pay it, but the fact of the matter was I felt like we shouldn't have to pay that bill. And on principle, I refuse to pay it. We have written and verbal proof that the insurance rep made the error, and as I wrote in my appeal letter, I would not have gone through the surgery if I knew it wasn't covered. So, now I need to call the State Commission insurance in my state, at Dr. S's suggestion. I hope I can get this settled soon, I was really hoping to get the SHSG early next cycle (in about 2-3 wks).

But the good news is...

at my u/s on Friday, we saw not 1, not 2, but THREE follicles!! Go Femara! And even better, they were spread out, 1 on the right, 2 on the left. All measured nice and big at the time, but they weren't quite at the point of poppage yet. (Hehe, poppage.) So, I left for my ski weekend, came back Sunday, took another OPK, and it was darker than Friday's, but not positive- - even though my cm was AMAZING. This, actually, is thanks to Mucinex. I had really scanty cm for the past few days, but the u/s on Friday showed cm all along the cervix. So, the Dr recommended Mucinex, to improve the viscosity. It definately worked! Seriously, my cm on Sunday was better than I remember it EVER being.

So, today's u/s was in the afternoon, and I felt pretty certain that the OPK from Sunday evening was on its way DOWN from a positive (that I must have missed since I didn't test Saturday). So my gut feeling was that I was Oing either Sunday night or this morning. I was right!

We saw two corpus lutei on the left ovary, and the follicle was still present on the right. I asked the Dr if she thought that one still had a chance to rupture (we teach people in the Creighton Model Intro Session that multiple ovulation takes place within the same 24 hr period)- but she said that usually when you have a multiple rupture, they rupture simultaneously. She said she has even seen instances of 1 complete rupture and 1 LUF (luteinized unruptured follicle)... so she thinks maybe the one of the right ovary will become an LUF. I have a follow-up u/s tomorrow, so I'll let you know what happened.

Now, ideally, I would have loved to see 1 follicle on EACH ovary rupture. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled to have Od at all... and 2 is even better! But if 1 of my tubes is blocked, I'd rather have my odds upp'd with a double O, 1 from each side. KWIM? So now I just have to hope and pray that my left tube is squeaky clean.

The other news at the moment is that 3 people have pre-registered for the first meeting of the Catholic IF Support Group!! Woo hoo!! I'm really looking forward to helping these women to find a network of faith, prayers, and emotional support. And men, I should say. 1 woman is bringing her husband, and DH will be there, of course. First meeting is in less than 2 wks!


JellyBelly said...

that totally sucks about your insurance! honestly, i don't know how you (and all of my other IF'ers from south of me) deal with having to pay for your treatments!

yay for your great follicles and for your 141st post! time seems to go so fast, doesn't it?

Life In Mazes said...

There is so much good news in this post, I am so excited for you!
Good luck with your first IF Support Group meeting.
I sure hope those follicles are turning into embryos as we speak!

correchica said...

You just DOUBLED your chances, right?!!!

Praying this month brings some great news for you!!!

prayerfuljourney said...

Gosh... I wish my dr would do a u/s to see if I'm ovulating. He said at my last appt that he would look into finding a tech but so far the dr has not gotten back to me. I have to stay on top of this dr or he'll just forget about it. That is wonderful that you are O'ing. It must be a relief to know it's happening.
To bad about your ins. They can give on such a run around. ugh!
Good luck with your IF support group. I'm going to see my practioner in a few weeks...I may mention that and see if any other ladies would be interested.