Sunday, January 25, 2009

How I Love NaPro

Let me count the ways...

My Dr just called me. That's right, on a SUNDAY. I had emailed her a few questions (yes, I also have my Dr's personal email address) about this cycle, namely whether I can/should take Femara, Metformin, schedule another selective HSG, get a post-coital, etc.

Instead of emailing me back, as she usually does (promptly, might I add), she decided to call and discuss all of this. She also spoke with me in depth about another personal problem I outlined in my email- - how I recently discovered, while at the March for Life, that my parish priest was sporting an Obama t-shirt on Election Day. I was devastated by this news, and almost thought about leaving the parish for another one. My Dr. talked to me about her experiences with priests, and how ever since Humanae Vitae, there has been a lot of dissent amongst the Church, even amongst the priests. We also spoke about how many Practitioners get a very cold reception from their parish priests when it comes to CrMS... because there are only a select few who are actually big supporters of the Church's teachings on sexuality and birth control.

Needless to say, it was a great conversation.

AND, I'm actually starting to get a pretty big head. The last few times I've "suggested" my own treatment plan, my Dr. has completely backed it up and told me it was a good idea! So, I will be taking Femara and Metformin again this cycle, as well as try to schedule a selective HSG with Dr. Stegman in PA (probably won't get an appt for that for a while yet), and get a post-coital test around ovulation.

And finally, at the Dr's request, I'll be doing another u/s series, to see how everything's "working" now after surgery and Dr Toth treatment. The best part? She is getting a new ultrasound machine within the next couple weeks, and said she can comp me the entire series, since I will be "helping her out" in trying the new machine!! (What a huge help that is, since our co-pay is $30, and an ultrasound series usually costs us more than $150.)

OK, so maybe my love affair isn't so much with NaPro as it is with my Dr :) But I just CANNOT see any secular Dr, especially an RE or ob/gyn, calling their patient on a Sunday, counseling them on personal dilemmas, and then offering to give them a free ultrasound series. (Did I mention that about 6 months ago, she also gave DH a free month's supply of the VERY expensive Proxeed Plus? She had been given a sample box, and gave it to us!)

I heart NaPro.


Sew said...

I heart them too! You are lucky she is at least in network and semi close?

How even more awesome that YOU play a huge part in diagnosing your problem as well. That blows my mind! That first she calls on a Sunday-but they are good like that NaPro. And that secondly she is like great TCIE sounds like a good idea! WTF!? :)

That is fantastic! I truly think that intuition plays a huge part especially in infertility. Besides the fact you know what the heck you are talking about too!

My Priest told me that the new Priests coming in are on fire about the church's teaching on birth control etc...He told me that when I get started with Creighton that is who I should hit up.

He said the older Priest were told everything was based on conscious. I suppose those are the Pre Vatican II 60's Priest. BLECH!

Sew said...

I meant the Vatican II liberal Priest. I heart my Priest! :)

Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

Um, Sew, she doesn't actually call me TCIE. Just to clear that up.

JellyBelly said...

i heart napro too.

i'm so glad that your doctor is so great. honestly, where would we be without our great docs and their beliefs!


E said...

I hear you on the love affair with Napro and their drs. Dr. S. scanned in an RX and emailed it to me one weekend. Awesome! I have only met Dr. J once and just loved her. Hopefully she comes to the conference this summer (and you better, too!!!). Also, yeah for a plan!!!

prayerfuljourney said...

That is such a blessing that your Napro dr is on top of things for you. I'll give my Napro dr one thing...he does call me personally. I think he has too for the nurses he has in the office have no clue what is going on. are very blessed and good luck with your new plan. I love when a Dr recognizes how expensive treatment is and tries to help the patients!!! Praise God! Your Napro dr sounds like a keeper! :)

Jodi said...

Isn't it crazy that after so many cycles TTC, you start to feel like you turn into the Dr. Glad to hear there's a new plan in place. You'll continue to be in my prayers :*

Sew said...

You are so sarcastic I love it! :)

Hafsa said...

Yes, love it! I'm telling you check out an EF Mass if you can, you won't ever go back :)

Unknown said...

I hope I love NaPro just as much once I really get going with it. Probably only a few more weeks! Yay!

I had the same problem with our old priest. He had Obama bumper stickers on his car...grrr! Ok, I get that when you go into the booth, you vote for whoever you want (even if I don't agree with you). But don't go around advertising that you are in essence dissenting from Church teachings....!!!

We had already been considering changing churches last fall, but hearing about that was the last push we needed to just do it.

It was so disheartening...I agree!