Monday, January 12, 2009

God Bless the Creighton Model

Because without it, I'd be pulling my hair out!

On the cycle of intense treatment with Dr. Toth, I peak'd late at CD 20. Probably the physical stress.

The first cycle of oral antibiotics, I peak'd at CD 16. And this is pretty much the norm without ovulation inducers, after the ovarian wedge resection.
So I started showing Peak type mucus on CD 10 this cycle. Since Dr. Toth only wants us to use 2 days for TTC each cycle, we really had to choose wisely. I was guess-timating that I'd Peak around CD 16 again. But as DH pointed out, maybe we weren't starting "early" enough. (I think he was just anxious to get going after a 3 month hiatus!) So we decided to select last night, CD 13. My OPK's test line was also very close in color to the control line, but with PCOS, I am used to the LH fluctuating back and forth.

Now this morning I woke up, and have ever-so-slightly sore bbs. But even more undeniable is the fluid-retention feeling in my lower pelvic area. I think I O'd already!! It must have been this morning. So we will select today again, and hopefully these were the 2 best days we could have chosen. (In other news, every day of peak mucus so far has been 10KL. NOT gummy. Woo Hoo!!)

There would have been NO way for me to predict I'd O this early ON MY OWN without O meds and even without Metformin!! I can't believe it! I'm just so glad that I am charting Creighton, because maybe, just maybe, those white baby stamps were not just decoration this month- but maybe they really DO mean fertility :)

DH and I had a few hours by ourselves with Grandma yesterday morning. We drove down and decided to do Mass at the chapel there. Before that, we said a Divine Mercy Chaplet with her (she listened), which was really nice. We didn't talk about any of our fertility stuff- I already had a chance to speak with her about that. We just enjoy being with her to help her make this transition. Any time she does get pain, she clutches at her heart and says, "Oh God. I want to see my Jesus. I want to see my Jesus." She is ready. It is a beautiful thing.

If you'll remember us all in your prayers, I'd really appreciate it!


LifeHopes said...

I promise to pray for you == especially for those little guys to make it to that egg!!!

Wonderful news that you ovulated!

Sew said...

I am so jealous by how much you know! Could I be your first student that needs 10 one on one sessions???

Oh my gosh! I wonder if we should do the same thing your grandma did when she felt pain. I was thinking today that if we want to get to heaven we have to see the world through our souls eyes and not through our flesh.

Everytime I feel pain I should do the same thing. It is such a surrenderful gesture that brought tears to my eyes. Reminding us why we are suffering-to see the face of God at the end of this mess. I am so TOUCHED!

And boogey night cheers to you! I give up on figuring out what is going on. I am just going to do it every other day. Since I am not seeing anything really.

I promise to pray for you and g-ma tonight.

Life In Mazes said...

Yah! I am so excited for you. I really hope that these times are very productive and life-affirming for you and your husband. God will truly bless you for your trusting faith!
I agree with sew, I want to know as much as you do about the creightion charting :) Maybe that is God planting the seed in my heart.
So glad you are in such great spirtis! I will keep all of your intenions in my prayers!

JellyBelly said...

yay ovulation!!!!

i have no idea what is going on since the c.lomid has dried everything up. i've only seen 10KL once which is not the norm for me. charting is usually A LOT easier for me than it has been this month!

and don't worry, your grandma is definitely in my prayers.

E said...

Glad to hear your s.e.x. life is getting better! Yay!! Hears praying for a very fast 2WW!!!

PS I give you so much credit for waiting the entire time, we couldn't. :)

Teresa & Connie said...

Your grandma is cool. What an awesome thing to say through pain! I'll be praying for her for sure.

I just started Creighton as you know. I'm already seeing that my progesterone levels are sh*t. This is rad. And you and sew know SO much!! I can't wait to show everyone that this truly does work!