Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oh, Phooey :(

I started AF today. Not my normal disappointment from lack of pregnancy this time... (and if I were pg, I would seriously question what Dr. Toth put in that uterine wash!!!)... but I had a 9 day post-Peak phase only, so this throws off all of my wonderful math, leading to a January 25th conception.

I'm not hell-bent on conceiving on that exact date, of course, but now it looks like I'll Peak in January BEFORE my antibiotics are up... when I'm not supposed to be having intercourse. But MAYBE there's still a chance we can TTC in January, if I have late Peaks again this month and next. (My Dr. called to let me know the progesterone from P+8 was low, which I already knew since I started bleeding 2 days later. But she said the good news is I ovulated without stimulation. I guess I totally took that one for granted, huh?! Just 8 months ago I never thought I'd see the day where I'd ovulated without meds. I have to keep reminding myself how far I've truly come.)

Oh, AND, my AF is bright, bright red. Is that how it's supposed to look?? I'm so used to dark red clots on the 1st days of my period, and then brown spotting for several days at the end! Pretty cool how quickly Dr. Toth's treatment has improved things!


JellyBelly said...

i yearn for the days for normal, clot-less bleeding.

yay for a well-behaved aunt flo!

andnotbysight said...

The bleeding change is pretty wild, isn't it? I've noticed that, too!

Sew said...

That sounds like an AF my accupuncturist used to tell me I needed to have! :)

It sounds great! I heard the longer the blood stays in the body the darker it is. And you don't want it staying in the body long. :) So that sounds great!

How is your pain level? I wonder if the color indicates less pain!

Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

I never really had too much pain with AF... cramps the night before or the day of, usually- nothing debilitating.

What's weird is that I've been "regular" in other ways, too. Before Met, I was a 1 x week gal at best (I thought this was normal!) With Met, 1 x every 2-3 days, but often every 2.
Now? I'm like clockwork 1 x day! I feel so normal!

Sew said...

That is awesome that you feel normal! Are you talking about going #2? Girl, do you know before surgery I would go 3-5 x's a day!!!!! I used to be able to feel the #2 move through my intestines. I thought that was normal!? Is that insane!? I am still adjusting, but quite regular now, 1x a day! Which is much easier to deal with!

I called PPVI, I am trying to find a training class. AND THIS IS GREAT NEWS! I need to put in my letter that I would like to be tranined as an instructor but considered for Practitioner level, because they can make acceptions based on life experience! YAY!!!! I think that I have enuff life experience, other than infertility, job wise as well! I am so pumped!

Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

That is AWESOME!!! I think you'll make an EXCELLENT Practitioner!

As for knowing that you went #2 3-5 x day... yes. Yes, I did know, as I have it written in your follow-up form :)