Tuesday, November 11, 2008

You Want to Scrape my What, Now?

Ok, so Day 2 of Dr. Toth treatment is now complete. Here's an update on what went down yesterday:

We were driven in to the city by my father-in-law, since DH wasn't sure how well he'd react to the prostate injections (can you blame him?)- Dr. Toth sat us down and explained exactly what he would be doing with each of us, and gave us a run-down of all of the medications that were being used. For my uterine lavage, it is made up of Gentamycin, Ampicillin, Difulcan (to prevent yeast), and then a Flagyl cream is inserted after the wash is complete. For DH's injections, there is Levoquin and some other antibiotic I can't remember now (is it obvious that I'm self-interested?), and a bit of lidocaine to numb the area.

I had taken 2 Advil before we got there, expecting the worst. My HSG and endometrial biopsy were some of the worst cramping experiences of my life, and I was expecting an hour-long HSG. He assured me that he would make us both as comfortable as possible.

Sure enough, once the catheter was in and the machine started dispensing the wash, I couldn't feel a thing! Maybe if I concentrated really hard, I could feel tiny twinges in my lower abdomen, but not really cramping. Phew! What a relief!!

DH, on the other hand, got the bad end of the deal. His prostate already had so much calcification around it, and this is what causes most of his discomfort. The injection itself only lasts a second, but the aftermath feels, as he described, like a hot coal in his butt :( Poor guy.

After we finished (my lavage lasts about 50 minutes, so I am re-reading "Like Water for Chocolate" while I lay in the stirrups), we were driven back home, and I had about 10 minutes to quickly use the bathroom and get my stuff together for CCD class! (Somehow I had forgotten to schedule eating of any kind in my day. So not like me.) So I drove back out to CCD, came home just in time to eat a quick dinner and await our meds and the nurse from the home health agency. They were due to arrive around 6:00-7:00pm to hook up our IVs.

By 7:15, they were both there (meds and nurse), and the nurse was a nice little Polish woman who was very patient and caring :) This home health thing is really nice... they really hook you up (no pun intended)! It must really stink to be homebound as an elderly or sickly person, but this option is amazing for them!

I got my IV put in first. She saw that my veins are very small, and that I don't qualify for the largest needle which would have been needed for the full 10-day treatment. Instead, she put in a smaller needle that she will then change every 3-4 days. No biggy.

DH was next. After 3 unsuccessful attempts (and let me tell you, this woman was VERY attentive and knew what she was doing!), she gave up! Poor DH has horrible veins that you can't even see!! She recommended we go to the hospital today to get flouroscopy x-ray IV hook-up.

By midnight last night we were finally all set, and ready to go to bed after a LOOOOONG day. It was at that time that I realized, hey? How am I going to get my sweater off?? (I have the IV in my right arm, attached to tubing that leads to a pump and a bag, both of which are in a fanny pack about 12" x 6" big!! No way those were fitting through my sleeve!!) The nurse hadn't taught us how to disconnect, yet, because she was going to teach up both after DH's IV was in... which didn't happen!! And I never thought to ask how I was going to take off my clothes! Long story short, I managed to get the sweater off and get a t-shirt on (don't ask), with the sweater and bra dangling over the tubing and the fanny pack all night. I was too damn tired to bother calling the all-night hotline.

Of course, that meant today I needed to wear the same clothes. But s'all good. The nurse is coming back tonight, so I'll be able to change tonight :)

This morning we called our NaPro Dr to see what she recommended for the IV-hookup... she said she hasn't dealt with in-patient care for a while, and wouldn't even know where to start leading us in the right direction. She suggested we take the meds to Dr. Toth so he could hook up the IV for us. Which is what we did.

Dr. Toth took one look at DH's veins today and said, "How do you handle high doses of oral antibiotics?" He said it's not worth poking and prodding him anymore, he will just Rx some high doses of antibiotics for him instead. He said it's MOSTLY important that I have the IV, anyway, since I'm the one who carries a baby. So that's where we stand now.

While starting up my lavage today, he told me he'd also like to scrape out my cervix. Um, whaaaaa??? No thank you. Apparently I have a lot of calcification and dead tissue in the cervix that he wants to remove. I, being the dutiful FertilityCare Practitioner that I am, immediately asked, "Will that damage my cervical crypts??" He assured me it would not, and that it would improve the overall production of mucus because just like my uterus sheds dead tissue every month, my cervix has accumulated dead tissue- which he needs to scrape for me since it can't shed it.

And since I'm a little girly-girl, he also promised he'd give me some nice drugs to make me not feel a thing, drool all over myself, and mumble incoherently for hours afterwards.

We'll be doing that tomorrow :(

So thus far, treatment has pretty much been NON-STOP for 36 hrs or so. Luckily we got a little break this afternoon, when we thought we'd have to go over to the hospital for IV hook-up.
We found a yummy little chocolate shoppe right down the block from the office, too, so each day after his injection DH has gone to get me a $7.00 3-inch piece of dark chocolate covered pistachio marzipan. Oh yeah, that's reasonable. But OOOOOH so good.

Me so sleepy. And leaky. Luckily I was at the end of my period so I had a pad on, anyway... but this Flagyl stuff leaks out throughout the day. You can imagine how attractive I am, unshowered, wearing the same clothes, leaking smelly antibiotics out of my crotch. Hot.

That's my update for now. To be continued.


Sew said...

Oh my gosh! I can't even imagine!!! I would do it for the $7 chocolate definately! It's only 10 days!!!!

Beth said...

Wow, you are in my prayers!

Life In Mazes said...

You and your husband are such troopers. I will pray for you both, for your doctors, nurses, and family! You will have to celebrate after all of this is done. I pray that God's blessings will unfold beautifully in the near future!!!

andnotbysight said...

Wow, that's amazing! I've seen the diagrams in Dr. Toth's book, and . . . wow! That's some serious treatment. I hope you have great results, and I'll be praying!