Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, it's been a busy week. (And then of course there's the additional stress of knowing who our country chose to be our leader. What a sad day indeed... AF came around 6pm, and I didn't even shed a tear. But a few hours later? I couldn't get myself together.)

Anyway... I spent the entire weekend researching ways to NOT have to spend $14,000 in NYC on Monday. Yes you read that right. $14,000. That's for 2 10-day IVs, 10 uterine lavages, and 10 prostate injections. I was able to find out that many of Dr. Toth's long-distance patients did a local IV, as long as they were able to find a Dr who could prescribe it locally. The problem in most cases was that many Drs just laughed at his protocol, and would refuse to Rx the IV. Luckily, my NaPro Dr. is completely on-board. (I loaned her Dr. Toth's book, "Fertile vs. Infertile," and she finds it just as fascinating as I do- she is already thinking of several patients she'd like to refer to him after me. I'm the guinea pig, lol!)

I found 2 home health agencies that were able to do home infusions in my area of the State. They both called my insurance to find out about benefits. The 1st one called back to say they were out-of-network, and that my IV would be covered in full since my deductible has been met for this year, and that DH's IV would need to be paid out of the deductible, at an estimated amt of $1,480. $1,480 sounded GREAT to me, since it would have been $8,000 for both IVs otherwise!

But that's not the greatest news. The 2nd agency called me back to say they were IN-Network, and covered at 100% for us both!! Hey Mom, look at me, I just saved $8,000!!! (And I didn't even switch to Geico.) So we are just working out the final details, faxing them over the Rx and our physicals, recent labwork, etc. We will get the IVs hooked up on Monday after our treatment in NYC.

Needless to say, this took up most of my time this week.

On top of that, I've been talking/emailing with the Diocesan Family Life Office woman, trying to work out the logistics for the Catholic IF Support Group. She is totally supportive, and wants to help as much as she can, which is just awesome! We will most likely have the meetings at the Diocese, which works out better all-around I think- it's more centrally located so we can try to get more people to come, and we can utilize the Diocese outreach and resources. I am meeting with her to go over all the research I've obtained in early December (my November is booked with antibiotics). Anyone who is currently running, or is part of a Catholic IF Support Group, I would love your ideas! I've already talked to All You Who Hope (she was pretty much the inspiration for this).

I just love watching God's plan unfold :) I see so many good things happening in my life (election aside), and it's so amazing to know that I would be completely LOST had I not just put the reigns in God's Hands. I had no idea how we were going to pay for treatment. "OK, God, show us the way!" And that He did. I had no idea why I was chosen to go through IF 2 yrs ago. And 17 Creighton clients later, with a Catholic Diocesan IF Support Group on the way... it's making a little more sense :)


Hafsa said...

God always provides. That's great news!

Sew said...

$14,000! I about died when I read that, that is so crazy! How amazing you found a way to save $14,000 today! That is impressive Mrs. Frugal!!! What a relief!

Am I number 17???? I know I have kept you abreast of everything that has happened thus far. But seriously the happenings of this day have been so quick that I am in complete aww at how quickly they are unfolding. Lifehopes, referred me to Center of Endo, so it came highly recommended!

Go IV!

LifeHopes said...

Wow I am TOTALLY in AWE!

Great work getting that price down!

Clearly the Lord is opening this door for you. When do you get to start your treatment?

Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

Monday the 10th!!

Meridith said...

Wow... I am AMAZED!!! God is SO GOOD!!!

Praying for you as you continue this journey.... (((hugs)))

KC said...

Yay! That is awesome news! So glad it worked out. My heart just dropped for you when you mentioned the! God is truly good! You have inspired me to be a more trusting of God's plan! He will provide, even when it's not what we originally had in mind!

Karey said...

That is amazing that God lead you to that lower price! I've had similar things like that happen to us with infertility, and I have to believe it is all God's hand.

By the way, thank you for your observations on my chart. But now I'm totally confused by when I might need yellow stamps! I'm nervous now that I don't know how to chart and that I am not ovulating when I think I am. Am I really messed up with this??

Sew said...

You are so funny! Oh yes my dear I will be tiding up, like wedding night tiding up! hahahahaha My surgery is going to cost $3000!!! ARGH!