Thursday, November 20, 2008

One Day More

(Little homage to my favorite song from Les Mis, there.)

Today, I got to meet "Finding Joy in Every Journey!" It was SOOOOO nice for DH and I to sit and talk with her and her DH today IRL. Just to give you a little background, we are both Creighton Practitioners (she works with the Dr. who performed my surgery!), we both have been NaPro patients ourselves for a number of years, and we are both now currently being treated by Dr. Toth in NYC. We talked so long at the restaurant that the waitstaff tried to shoo us out by playing The Beatles really loudly! (Obviously they don't know me. I love The Beatles. And I got my mother's loud Italian genes.)
I think it was really nice for the guys, too. I mean, here we all are (us IF women) on blogs, message boards, and email discussion groups... they literally have no outlets for this stuff. I was so pleased to see DH talking and giving/getting advice with another man going through exactly the same things (at the same time).

So tomorrow is Doomsday. We will find out the inevitable "When can we TTC again" answer along with other pressing issues (none quite as pressing as the 1st, of course). I'll update when I can...


Sew said...

I have seen Les Mis 13 times!!!!!!!!!! I always thought I would name my first daughter Collette! :) I hope your ttc date is soon! Ours is 3 months!!!!!! February 13! What the heck!

Karey said...

I can't wait to hear how it goes!

And as soon as I saw your title on the side of my blog, I was singing the song in my head :)

LifeHopes said...

Please give us an update as soon as you have one one when you can starting trying again!!

Praying for you!

E said...

We loved spending time with you, too! You both and beautiful souls. Lets get together soon. I was so excited that my DH was so chatty, too! God Bless you both!