Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Empty Nest :(

Well, all but 1 of the kittens have gone off to their new homes, and we are left with our precious little Simba. We knew as soon as we took him into our home the 1st time that he was confortable, and would be fine without any "siblings" from his litter. This is where he went RIGHT off the bat:

Oh yeah, he's gonna fit right in.

The first pair to leave us was Laci and Callie (their new names. For us, they were Ophelia and Nala), the two tortoise girls. Callie (Nala) was my little princess, and I was so sad to see her go :( But they went to my parents, so I'll still get to enjoy them from time to time. Here they are, respectively:

Then the following day we were left with the 3 rambunctious boys, Itchy, Scratchy, and Simba. Itchy is the other orange guy, and Scratchy is the black beauty. Before he left, I needed him to be a model for my Halloween card this year, and he was such a good sport :)

That night, Itchy and Scratchy left us :( They went to DH's sister and her bf, so again, we'll be able to watch them grow up at least.

Here is the whole gang together, on the first day I put a litter box in their tub. I came back a couple of hours later, and this is what I found:

And here is Simba's (our new "baby's") first poop:

(I have one of the finished product, too, but I'll leave that out.)

And here are some "introductions" of Simba to our other furbabies. Here he is with Uzi, our Alpha Male:

Here is Quincy, our youngest (until now), looking at him intensely... he's a little afraid of the kitten, honestly. So I couldn't get one of them in the same frame!

And here is Jerry, mamma's boy, on the back of the loveseat with Simba (Simba had kicked him off of his cushy little blanket that he always sleeps on!):

And since I'm posting pics, might as well show you the remaining 3 furbabies in our family. We have Althea (Al), Big River (Bigs), and Mrs. Chinch. Here they are!

I hope you've enjoyed our family tree :)


Jodi said...

All of your pets are SOOO cute...that pic with Scratchy and the pumpkin brought a HUGE smile to my face. I love your family :)

Karey said...

So cute! Oh my goodness, your new little one is adorable. My sister just got a kitten too, so I've seen a lot of kitten pictures today!

All your animals are gorgeous. And I LOVE the pumpkin shot!

LifeHopes said...

Oh my gosh I LOVED those pics!!!

I was laughing out loud at all those kittens cuddling in the litter box.

I just LOVE those "splotchy" looking ones. TOO CUTE!!!!

Hmm.. you are an inspiration to mix the dogs and cats. We are reluctant, but pretty sure that is in our future.

I LOVE your furbabies!!!!

Hafsa said...

Very cute, I'm jealous of the beautiful cats, my husband won't let us get another cat :(

Faithful Infertile said...

Aww.... Ames, they are sooooo cute! I love kittens. The pumpkin one was adorable! :)

Praying for Hope said...

They're adorable! It's one of the hardest things to find homes for your kittens. You get attached no matter how hard you tell yourself not to. At least you can visit them and you still have Simba.