Wednesday, October 1, 2008

DA next week

Here's the update on Dr. Toth in NY. (I was being all secretive with the name for some reason, but he's actually really well known and has written books on his research.)

I called his office Monday morning, and the secretary tells me right off the bat "He doesn't accept insurance, and all payment is due in full at the 1st appt." Hm, ok. So how much is it? "$1800 to run all of the tests." Yowsa. So, that includes all of the tests for infection, etc. that affect fertility? "Oh is this for infertility? Then he recommends you have DH get tested, too. That's $1500." Yikes! Um, sure let me make an appt with you on robot-mode as my mind recuperates from the shock "($3,300)... Oct 9th?($3,300) Yeah, ok ($3,300), that'll work... uh huh ($3,300)." Click. Hold on, WHAT??!!

I spoke with DH and he was definitely against getting tested. He thought there was no need since we already know his issue is morphology, but not anything bad enough to impede pregnancy. Plus, he was just on a week's dose of antibiotics for an infection, so he's "all good." I kept telling him that we wouldn't be walking into Dr. Toth's office, paying $3,300, getting some blood drawn, and sent on our way. I assured him there must be more to it than that; cultures, biopsies, etc. Then again, I wasn't sure if DH really did need to do this RIGHT NOW, since we knew that I was the one with the symptoms of infection. I decide to call Dr. Hilgers' nurses and see what he recommended.

They got back to me a day later to say that yes, he does prefer we both get checked out with Dr. Toth. Infections of this nature can be passed back and forth, apparently. So, basically, we have no choice but to shell out... $3,300.

I can't put a pricetag on my baby. Or, for that matter, on my fertility. Is it worth $3,300? Absolutely. But what comes next? I can only imagine (in nightmares, mostly) how much treatment will cost if this is how much the testing costs! And then what if we run out of savings? I really have to pray that God provides for us this month. It helps to remember how concerned we were about the surgery costs in April, and then only had to pay just under $1,400 TOTAL (for a surgery that ran $22,000, with insurance of $2,500 ded. and 20% above ded)!! God TRULY provided for us then, and I really hope He shows us a way to make this work now.

I know it's such a trivial thing to pray about, but would you please keep us in your prayers for this situation? Pray that we find some way to afford treatment after the testing is done. Jesus, I trust You :)


Karey said...

One prayer just said :)

We also experienced immense grace when it came to paying for both of my surgeries. I am sure it will all work out this time for you, too!

Hafsa said...

I will pray for you tonight! I'm hoping that this will be worth it for you guys and I'm with you how frustrating it is to pay for things that should be covered...but like you said you can't put a price tag on your baby :) I agree completely! I just wanted to write that you have been referenced as an inspiration in my blog (okay maybe not that dramatic) but I did somewhat quote from a previous blog of yours that put me into perspective mode so thanks :)

p.s. from a fellow PCOS girl, you have me incl. you in my novenas to the Blessed Mother and St. Gerard

Sew said...

Hi...I have been a blog lurker for sometime now...I am interested in learning the Creighton Method but the closes facility to me is 3 hours away. I am so thankful it is so close! BUT :) I contacted a teacher there and she said she would get back to me. Okay. I ran out of patience and I know she will call me back but I needed this 3 years ago. :) So I am a little, okay, very impatient. So I am wondering can the Creighton Model be taught long distance? Do you have any contacts that would be willing to teach me long distance? I am really ready to get started, its the last exit on this road of infertility for me.

LifeHopes said...

Wow. I just can't believe that any doctor would not accept any kind of insurance on purpose. Sure, some doctors end up being not covered due to the insurance company's decisions, but why not be covered at all?

It almost seems like they just don't want to have to deal with the hassle, so they just stick it to their patients.

I am upset for you. And particularly more so because you are dealing with infertility, and you shouldn't have to deal with this on top of it.

But I promise to pray that God helps you to make this happen. I know that He will.

Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

Thanks for the prayers, girls :) I really do appreciate it.

Nicole, we certainly can do long-distance teaching. What it would require is an online Intro Session, which I would set up for you, and also a phone call at the same time so that you can "hear" the Intro (I don't have the audio part of Skype set up). Follow-ups are easily done at a distance as long as you have some access to a scanner or fax machine before follow-ups (so I can see your charts). You would also need to purchase a copy of the Picture Dictionary, which is the only additional cost involved in being a long-distance client.

It's funny that you wrote me today, because I am in the midst of scrambling around trying to get 3 more clients before November's exams! Otherwise I have to postpone exams and hence my certification, for 3 months. I would love to be your Practitioner if you'll have me :)

Sew said...

Yes! Yes! YES! and when can we start????!! Its funny, because I was about to email the lady that has not gotten back with me and I was thinking I should check your website to see if you responded. Because I am so impatient...Hence the gift of my infertility! hahaha

So when can we start, and where do I get the book? What do you need from me? I am SUPER excited!!

Thanks, Nicole

Sew said...

Here is my email [email protected]

Jen said...

Good luck. You will definitely be in my thoughts.

Jodi said...

Wowzers is right! I hope that God provides for the two of you this month as well...I'm sure He will. I'm anxious to see what they find/what happens. I'll continue to pray for the two of you :)

Hannah's Tears said...

gee.. would you want to come to Columbus to see Dr. Michael Parker OB/GYN, he says he has people from all over the place and he does take insurance... it would be a trip to Columbus, OHIO.. If you are interested in calling his office his number is listed under a search for NorthEast OB/Gyn

Dr. Michael S. Parker,MD OB/Gyn
(trained by Dr. Hilgers)
1080 Beecher Xing N
Gahanna, OH 43230
(614) 476-4101

God Bless!

E said...

I will pray for you, too. We just went last week and it was a little sticker shock. Actually we think that DH has acquired and infx from his parents. Tell your DH it isn't that bad and it is a small price to pay for a healtier future (it can help decrease his chance of heart disease in the future) and hopefully a baby! Infections can affect morphology, too. He will be able to look at his guys & girls under the microscope. :)

JellyBelly said...

you're definitely in my prayers. i'm sure everything will work out in the end.

big, big hugs to you.