Friday, October 17, 2008

Both Sides of the Fence

Just some random thoughts this morning, since I have nothing exciting going on with TTC.

It really blows my mind that someone who has dealt with IF, or even who is going through it now, can be pro-abortion. In a big way, I feel that this journey, for me, has made it all the clearer just how much conception is a miraculous event- not one that anyone is entitled to, but a gift from heaven. Going through this has solidified just how many things have to be PERFECTLY in place in order for a pregnancy to occur. So how could these facts escape another infertile??

The views on life in this society are just sickening sometimes. Life (in the form of an unwanted pregnancy) is viewed as a consequence of the mother's actions. Therefore, how dare anyone try to take away the "right" to get out of that consequence. Life is not a consequence! STDs and reputation may be consequences- but because a woman is stuck with those, it doesn't matter. She can't murder the STD she got from the man. She can't slaughter the reputation she gets after such an event. But the baby? THAT she has control over. THIS IS SO BACKWARDS!!!

Don't people who are TTC mourn the loss of what is ever-so-affectionately termed a "chemical pregnancy?" (Really, an early miscarriage.) If they don't feel that it is a life, why mourn? And those types of m/cs generally occur at 4 wks gestation... the time when most women headed for abortion are due for their AFs, not even THINKING about testing. Earliest abortions are usually about 2 wks after that, at 6 wks gestation. The time we are all waiting for with baited breath- because this is the date of most first u/ss. I just don't understand it.

Abortion is such a hidden epidemic. No one has to see it, therefore they can literally shut their eyes to what is ACTUALLY going on. And conveniently tell themselves that the baby can't feel anything. Why? Because God Help the country on the day it takes away a woman's RIGHTS! But wait... what about the other person's rights? The person who can't speak for or defend him/herself?

I'd like to pose an analogy, if I may (and yes, I've decided that I may, because this is my blog after all):
What if the government decided that Infertile women and men are unwanted in this country. All we do, after all, is suck dry the insurance companies with all of our testing, treatment and procedures. In the end? We're not giving anything back to society. We are unwanted. Useless. A waste of tax money, and air for that matter. Maybe it should be the RIGHT of our communities to eliminate us. Not murder, mind you, just a cessation of our breathing... and beating hearts... merely so that we can not continue to grow and become more and more of a burden. Ludicrous idea? Ask yourself why this is ludicrous, but murder of a baby (embryo, fetus, whatever you want to call it so it makes it less real) is so easy to accept.

On a related note, I got an email from Priests for Life, and there is a 40 Day Relay beginning in a town about 25 miles from me on Monday (at first I thought it was Sunday, but I went back and read the email)! I'm extremely nervous about it- I have never done one before, and frankly I'm terrified of seeing all the pg women walking in to kill their babies. But once again, All You Who Hope has been an inspiration to me, and even if one success story comes out of this, it will be worth it. Wish me luck!


Karey said...

I couldn't agree more. I heard someone on EWTN last night make a great point - the fact that the pro-choice community is even giving in and saying they want to work towards less abortions is a great sign, because they'd never concede that 15 years ago. By saying they want "less" they are admitting there is something wrong with it, otherwise why would they want less of them? It's a crack in their armour. The problem is if Obama wins, all the work done over the last few decades will be completely erased. I can't even imagine.

And good for you for taking part in the 40 days campaign! It was scary for me at first, but you get over that pretty quickly. It's definitely hard seeing the girls and it's such an evil place that that can get to you, too. But just keep close to God, and it will actually be very rewarding. I can't wait to hear that you counseled a girl and saved a baby!

Bonnie said...

I understand what you are saying. It's a very tough subject.

Sew said...

I completely agree with you! I don't get it! I am not sure how someone can be blessed with children and still be on the pill and vote pro choice. How can they not value life. Have they just taken the easy way out. I am on the fence about abortion and don't read that the wrong way, I am pro life all the way. I think the woman are pushed by crippling fear to take the easy way out. I truly can't believe that ALL the woman that walk into the clinic are there because they agree with what they are doing. Its as if the devil tempts them into desparity and then hands them their guilt after the fact. So you will be their good angel, cheering them on with a loving spirit, fighting that evil. You are a brave, brave, girl!

Vent-ilation said...

I couldn't have said it better! Just to share, a few weeks ago, my sister came to church with me (which in itself.. wow! She hasn't been in literally years.) But she's very liberal and during Prayers of the Faithful, she did not want to make a pro-life prayer. I let it go then, and e-mailed her later, saying how great it was that she came, but to please think about couples like us who would LOVE to be pregnant! I told her that whether it's a minute, week, month, or 6 months after conception, that will be a life in me! We haven't discussed it because I didn't want to fight, but hopefully it planted a seed. I also told her what allyouwhohope pointed out -- at least pray that less people "need" (want) abortions.

LifeHopes said...

I couldn't agree more.

I worked in the pro-life movement for several years in Washington, D.C., but wasn't married or know I had IF at the time.

Now, I see abortion differently. Through the lense of a broken heart, really. For each life that is thrown in the trash (literally), someone like me could have received the blessing of a lifetime. That child could have been loved, embraced, cherished, supported, and grown up to make this world a better place.

People who haven't suffered from infertility do NOT understand what a gift each life is. They just don't. At least not in the same way. They do not know how it feels for your heart to physically ache, for your gut to tighten when you get the news of a pregnancy, the absence of little ones at holidays, and every day really.

Sadly, those who get pregnant easily often do see babies as "consequences" and not as blessings.

It is heartwrenching to even contemplate the reality of certain things in this world, and millions of abortions, while there are so many couples with infertility, is one of those things.

God help us!

Anonymous said...

so so so true! i just don't know how anyone with IF could possibly be pro-abortion. the whole concept completely escapes me. it's scary to think that anyone could take another life, no matter what. for me, this is a subject that i just can't understand the other side of the fence.

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