Monday, September 15, 2008

Yikes- 4th Grade!

So today's lesson: 4th Grade is MUCH different than Kindergarten! I am already pretty familiar with the age group (and it's actually one of my favorites) since I have been a camp counselor for all grades up to 8th while in HS. But I never had to do lesson plans for any grade other than Kindergarten.

Today was my 1st CCD class. And I prepared the day's activities, bearing in mind that it's always better to have MORE than TOO FEW. Well, in Kindergarten, every activity and lesson requires at LEAST 20 minutes. There's set-up, directions, activity, review, clean-up/wrap-up. Well, I guess there are all the same parts in 4th grade, except that they all take about 4 minutes. I'm not used to such self-sufficiency!! Good thing I'm quick on my toes, because I basically pulled stuff out of thin air today... but now I know I'll have to be much more prepared for next class.

I did think of "Frustated Musings" as I fumbled through the new grade level today... I know she can inversely relate to what I went through today :)

That's all for now. Nothing fertility-related today. Which is a good thing, I'm trying not to obsess about it anymore. (Let's see how long that lasts.)


JellyBelly said...

wanna trade? i miss having self-sufficient students so much!

i definitely think that i'm crazy to have ever left my old school and my independent workers!

Jodi said...

Glad to hear your first CCD class went well...I still remember my CCD teachers....they were great :)