Sunday, September 14, 2008

NaPro Technology Conference in Philly

Yesterday was an awesome day, despite the fact that it was CD 3 and heavy flow. Dr. Hilgers came to Philadelphia to lead a conference on Creighton Model and NaPro Technology, and their benefits for infertility, recurrent miscarriage, post-partum depression, PMS, and other gynecologic health issues. My Dr. was the co-speaker :)

I had my letter all prepared to send to him, but decided I would rather have my Dr. give it to him in person, along with my files, labwork, etc. Hopefully he got a chance to read it on the plane back to Omaha. Please pray that a response comes soon!

Well, aside from the fact that the conference was awesome, and seeing/meeting Dr. Hilgers was the icing on the cake, God also placed someone in my path yesterday. A fellow practitioner out in PA, was holding a year-old baby girl in her arms, as she came over to greet a friend of mine. I overheard her say, "She's my NaPro miracle!" and immediately my ears perked up. She said she had surgery with Dr. Hilgers (first a Lap, and then a laparotomy to remove extensive endometriosis... I thought of you, All You Who Hope!!) and nothing was happening for a long time afterwards. Finally, as they signed the final paperwork and were put on a list for adoption, they conceived, on the 16th cycle post-surgery. "He did say give it up to 18 cycles," she finished, with a smile. I was floored. My next question was, "How were you able to stick with it so long after surgery, before going toward adoption?" She replied, "My husband wasn't quite ready for adoption, even though I was." I know that I was intended to hear this success story, and share it with all of you. Oh, and she also said they had been TTC 5 years before her surgery.

While I'm not exactly thrilled with the idea of holding out another 10-12 cycles, I do know that God will provide for each and every one of us. How fitting that today is also the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross? And, ironically, tomorrow is also my "due date" if I had truly been pregnant back in January. I need to stop my complaining, accept and embrace my cross, and realize that my child is coming- one way or another, my child IS coming. I know it in my heart. Who am I to demand the details of when and where?


Karey said...

That story actually does make me feel better. I guess we need to remember that we haven't fixed everything yet and there are still treatments to try. And even when we have done everything, we need to give it a long time before we can officially give up. But even then, the funny part about it is that it is not even up to us to "give up", because that is implying it is up to us and not God!

I hope you hear from PPVI soon!

Hafsa said...

I love hearning happily ever after stories in relation to IF. Thanks for ahring that, it does give all of us hope.

Jodi said...

That is an awesome story! Sometimes the right stories are told at the right moments. There are miracles every day and I know yours is coming soon :)