Thursday, September 18, 2008


Again I find myself without much to write. It's CD 8. Or 9. Not even sure, I've skipped a couple days of charting (I remember what they were, just VL and OAD... in case you were going to turn me in to the Creighton Model Practitioner Police!)... I am just finding all of this infertility stuff very "blah" lately.

I suddenly realized yesterday that I never included my address or phone number on my letter to Dr. Hilgers! Doh! I can only hope that my patient forms have been included... and if not, that he will contact my Dr. for my contact info. But how stupid am I? "Dr. Hilgers, could you please, please help me? You can?! Oh great! Now you can try to track me down." Like the man isn't busy enough.

Oh. I do know one thing that I have yet to post about. We have 3-week old kittens in our office bathroom! About a month and 1/2 ago, we noticed our stray cat coming around for food, and her tummy was huge. (She had already had a litter of 3 in the spring, my SIL took those kittens in, but we couldn't catch the mother to have her fixed.) But anyway, this time DH was able to catch her before she gave birth, and put her in the garage with some blankets. She delivered the kittens the same day I "would" have conceived last cycle, on the day I ovulated. (I was convinced this was a sign that I had conceived, mind you.) After a week, DH took them all out of the garage and brought them up to the office bathroom, where they are nice and cozy in the hot tub :)

Here's one of the Mama Cat.

So I have had the privilege for the last 3 weeks to watch these little babies growing every day. I feed their Mama on a daily basis, and she trusts me enough to let me watch her feeding them, and playing with them. (The latter is just about the cutest thing I have EVER seen!) Right after my period came this past time, I went up to play with the kittens to make myself feel better. I fed Mama Cat, and as she ate, I picked up one kitten at a time, pet it, held it close. Mama finished eating, jumped into the tub and over to her babies, gave one of them a quick lick, and looked up at me as if to say, "They're MINE, bitch!" (OK, remember, it was CD 1 and I was a little hormonal.) I literally burst into tears right there, and said to her, "Yes. I know they're yours," and walked out of the room thinking, "I can't even call a baby CAT my own. I will never have any babies!!"

Not my proudest moment. But I wanted to share it anyway. I can get a little looney from time to time. That's what infertility does to a gal.


Karey said...

Oh, I would have done the exact same thing with the reaction to the cat. It doesn't seem weird to me at all! Then again, infertility has definitely made me nuts.

Maybe it's a good thing you're not caring so much about things. It can't hurt, and maybe it will cause your stress level to be a little less this cycle. You never know.

Jodi said...

Those kittens are just precious!!! I want one!

Faithful Infertile said...

Those kittens are the cutest thing.

Amy, I know its hard, but never lose faith! Your miracle will happen!

Hafsa said...

Absolutely I understand what IF does to us! I have had some hormonal moments and I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one :) I wish I could have your blase attitude ab tracking your CD, but then again I just started on this looong journey.

p.s. the kitten pics are so cute.