Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fertility... Left-Wing Email... and more Fertility

This is an excerpt from "A Well-Built Faith" by Joe Paprocki. It is not at all about fertility, but you'll see why it's applicable:

"A scientist decided to take the initiative and create human life from scratch. He called out to God and said, "God, we no longer need you. Science has developed to the point where we can create human beings without your initiative." God said, "Oh, is that so? Let's have a human being making contest. But we have to agree to do this just like I did back in the old days with Adam and Eve." "Sure," replied the scientist, who then bent down and grabbed himself a handful of dirt to get started. God interrupted him with a smile and said, "Oh, no, you don't. You go make your own dirt!"

I just love that :)

In other news, I'm REALLY getting fed up with my email carrier. It's not my main one, anymore, but I've had it for years because it supports animal rights, and donates $ to humane societies, shelters, etc. with every email sent. I'm a big animal activist, as is my and DH's family (mostly sisters). We have 2 pitbulls, for example, and I am now one of the first to defend this AWESOME breed. (Speaking of which, did anyone watch the National Geographic special last night about the Michael Vick dogs that were rehabilitated? Amazing.)

Anyway, as the years have passed, my email carrier has become less and less about the "animals" and more about the environment. Fine. I love the environment, I'm all for helping it. Then in the past year or so, it has gone COMPLETELY political, and as you can imagine, also completely ONE-SIDED. I am constantly bombarded upon sign-in with "Sign This Petition" to tell our government to stop such-and-such. Recently, I was asked to sign a petition to tell President Bush that he can't make decisions about the pill, because he can't even take the pill himself. (OK, that makes a lot of sense. I can't take Viagra, but does that mean I shouldn't have a say in the fact that my insurace policy covers this "vanity" drug in full, but won't cover injectable hCG or progesterone that I need for my gynecologic health??)

Well, this week, there are all kinds of articles, polls, etc. about McCain/Palin (mostly Palin)... why is it that people are so ready to buy into ANYTHING the liberal media tells them? I've read so many comments about how "inexperienced" Palin is. Doesn't is seem extremely coincidental that ALL of these people came to this conclusion on their own?? WTH?? I am the first to admit that I don't know much about (nor am I very interested in) politics. But lack of political knowledge doesn't seem to stop a lot of these left-wing commenters from spewing out the few things they have been told, over and over again.

The thing that annoys me is, why do I have to deal with reading all that junk? Sheesh, I try to help animals, and look where it gets me.
(The thing about the pill was even more infuriating, actually. Apparently Bush had put some stipulations on access to the pill, because it can be technically and clinically abortifacient. And of course this brought about uproar from my email community. Because really, who is the President to step in the way of a WOMAN'S right to kill her baby in any way she wants at any time she wants?)

Society truly sickens me sometimes.

Now back to the less controversial, but just as upsetting topic of infertility:

9 dpo today (P+8)... bbs still feel completely fine. No soreness. I don't get it. I always have such high progesterone and estradiol in the post-Peak. Of course, maybe the fact that this is "different" for me is a good sign. But I'd have to be a real schmuck to continue looking for signs and symptoms after 2 years of let-down. I'll just carry on as per normal, enjoying the fact that I can sleep on my stomach at 9dpo :) See, always a silver lining.


Jodi said...

He make me laugh :) Let's hope no signs is a good was for me :)

LifeHopes said...

I prayed for you lots this week ... I have a good feeling for you. Hang in there and try to pamper yourself a little bit during this time to get your mind off things!