Saturday, August 30, 2008

We have lift off

First, thank you to everyone for the comments on my "breakdown" post. It helps to know that even people I don't know are praying for me... and honestly, I know the prayers themselves helped, too- I felt immensely better the following day. Sure, I had a good u/s and was Ovulating the next day, but it was more than that. I felt peace from all of those prayers. So, thank you!

My u/s yesterday was so cool! Not only did we see the corpus luteum (and she showed me those fuzzy edges and white line that tells you it's a C.L. and not a follicle), but my cervix was SO different than it had been the day before! It was completely closed, with no fluid around it at all. It's really amazing how the body works, isn't it? I mean, there is such a SMALL window of opportunity to actually get pregnant... and yet, our population is booming! Everything in our bodies really has a purpose, and all of those purposes tie in together so beautifully.

DH and I watched Christopher West on EWTN the other night. It was really a fascinating talk he gave- about human sexuality (mostly he commented on different sections of "Theology of the Body"). My favorite part was when he explained why it is that God/Christ is always referred to as the bridegroom and we (humanity) are always referred to as the bride. He said that in the woman (bride), we have the perfect example of why this is. In a relationship with her groom, the bride is the one who is receptive to the gifts that the groom gives her (also physically, her body is created to do just this). And like women, we as humans (men and women alike) should mirror that example in our relationship with God. We should be receptive to God, his gifts, and His will for us, and bear fruit from it- just as a bride does with her groom. Hence, we are God's bride.

As if reading my mind, Christopher West then went on to say, "This does not mean reproduction only. It means we should be bearing the fruit of love in all of our actions."

What's also really cool is that DH and I picked a reading from Song of Songs for our 1st reading at our wedding. It is not a common reading for weddings, because it is often misunderstood and "embarrassing" to those who don't understand it. It is a love song, or poem, between God (the Lover) and his people (the beloved). And in it, we have an example, right in the Bible, of what the union between man and wife should be based upon.

OK, back to gynecological news. I had a pap smear last week that revealed a yeast infection. My Dr. said she's surprised I didn't have any symptoms, because it has probably been brewing for a while, since they don't usually show up on the paps. So I had to buy some Monistat today (she wanted me to wait until post-Peak), and when AF comes, I can start the strong antibiotic she Rx'd. I know it's completely insane to think this way, but I'm slightly nervous about the Monistat, if I am pregnant. Here, my fertility Dr is TELLING me to use Monistat, and I'm still hesitant that it could be bad for a living thing traveling down my fallopian tubes and no where near my vagina! I got the 3-day treatment option so that I can finish before implantation at least!

Other news? DH's acupuncture treatments are treating a whole slew of things, including weight loss. He has TONS of stress, and the stress causes him to have sleep apnea and insomnia... which leads him to get up at night and snack. And not healthy snacks, but the really, really sugary ones. So, he is now doing a cleansing diet, and it includes chicken soup for dinner. I am making the most AMAZING-smelling chicken soup right now, it's unreal!! I put fresh herbs from our garden in it (parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme... and marjoram that I had dried)... did anyone else just start humming Scarborough Fair? If so, then you rock for liking good music.

All You, are we cycle buddies again? Do you think you O'd this cycle? What's new with your pelvic organs? :P


Karey said...

Well.. I don't know if I O'd, actually. I think I'm through with mucus, but my temp was still low this morning. I'm jealous that you can have u/s series so often! I'd love to know what was happening. My past two cycles have been weird, just as things were starting to get more normal on the met.

Speaking of met, or Mets.. Um.. last I checked, Queens is in New York!! And being a Yankees fan is so cliche! :)

As for Palin.. Did you hear about the big group of Evangelical leaders who were meeting at the Repub. convention site when she was giving her speech? They played it on a big screen, and they all gave it a standing ovation and were hugging each other! If the Evangelicals are excited (which they weren't for McCain), then that's good news for the campaign. Dobson (who affects the votes of millions) is voting for McCain now, after he publically said he wasn't months ago. If he had picked Leiberman or Ridge, pro-lifers still would have voted for him, but now they will actually campaign and encourage others.

Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

Oh, well that's good to hear. (Phew!)

Sorry to hear about the weird cycles. I hope they get worked out soon.

And both of my parents were raised in the Bronx. There would be something wrong in my head if I weren't a Yankees fan :)

Karey said...

I just read this article and it's all about what I was trying to say in my previous comment:

Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

Ummm... are you sending me a naughty website??... LMAO, when I clicked on the link, it had a message saying "FORBIDDEN"- you cannot access this site from your server!
Maybe it's something you famous news people can view, but not us regular folks :P

And on a baseball note- at least we both hate Boston, right? How AWESOME was the SuperBowl!!!! I'm still trying to get a montage of all of the Tom Brady sacks for my screensaver- - HA, that cocky bast*$d.

Karey said...

Sorry about the link! And, well, I hate to say this, but we Mets fans usually like to say that Boston is our second favorite team, which is kind of like when we say "Our second favorite team is whoever the Yankees are playing!" And being Buffalo Bills fans, the Super Bowl was good in the sense that the Patriots are big Bills rivals, but Bills fans also have a complex about being the "other" NY team so we can't root for the Giants! I guess I'm a fan of all the underdog NY teams!!

By the way, thanks for your sweet comment today on my blog and for your medical advice! I'm not kidding. I don't see my doctor for another two months, so I will take any theories you have!!

Anonymous said...

What do you think helped with the CM? I can't make any of the good kind.

Hafsa said...

I was reading your calendar in your sidebar and wondered how your doctors tested for PCOS and what they found in determining you had PCOS? From what I've read about it, I have some early signs of it but I'm not sure. I have a drs. appt. on the 22nd and am pretty nervous. I'm glad to hear everything sounds promising on your end. I'll be praying for you!

Faithful Infertile said...

So glad you're feeling better, Ames! But that sucks about the yeast infection!

Jodi said...

Yay for the great u/s....yay for DH's cleansing diet...yay for Amy's family :) I'm glad you're starting to feel a bit better since your "breakdown". I truly hope that all of this stress and struggles will result in a beautiful child for the two of you. As always, you're both in my thoughts and prayers. Can't wait to see what September brings you!!!