Sunday, August 3, 2008

Not technically obsessing...

just curious. I was fully expecting ovulation (or Peak, whatever) on CD 16 again (today). After my ovarian wedge resection, I started Peaking at CD 17, then 16 (and O was always more or less the same day). But I had these horrific O pains all day on Friday and Saturday like I was about to pop (literally). I had an acupuncture appt. on Saturday morning, and good Lord in heaven, were my ovaries sensitive! It felt like knives sticking in there. The acupuncturist kept saying that was a good thing; when he removed them, he also made a comment like, "Wow, they're really holding on to these needles, they don't want to let go!" To which I responded, "Now if they could only do that with the sperm..."

Today, I haven't had any O pains. But I haven't had that "pelvis full of liquid" feeling that I often get right after O, either. And my bbs aren't sore. (This seemed to be the trend after surgery. Though my Creighton Model supervisor, and my Dr both say it takes about 4 cycles for things to get back to normal, so maybe this is my new normal.) The other thing is I was dry all day yesterday, making Peak on day 14. Day 14. Let's just stop and appreciate that momentous achievement for a moment. A severe PCOS girl, whose charts used to look like those of the most fertile woman in the world (white baby stamps and peak type mucus just about every day of the cycle), who never O'd on her own... now actually Peaking on CD 14? Like a middle school health class textbook ovulator!!! Amazing.

I am slightly concerned that I ran out of Pre-Seed, because I do think I may have O'd yesterday, when I was really sensitive. But I was dry, so it would have been good to have some on hand. (Side note: have any of you heard of those women who've actually used real egg whites as a sperm-friendly lubricative for TTC? I don't care how desperate I am for a baby, I will never put eggs in my hoo-ha.)

I'm also crossing my fingers that the increased ovary sensitivity this month could mean a double ovulation... it'd be nice to have a couple of targets for DH's "developmentally challenged" sperm. And it would be MORE than nice to get a two-for-one deal after 2 yrs of infertility. Not that I'm banking on that thought, I'm just sayin'.


Karey said...

Wow! CD 14! Things are looking good! Lately I've been convinced that when it does happen for me, it will be a month where my chart looks wacky and it will make no sense! You know? Just like the woman you said got pregnant on cd 3!

By the way, should I know about pre-seed? Or is it for women who don't have much mucus? I'm usually okay, but I did have a dry day mixed in with my fertile days this cycle. And I didn't realize your surgery was so recent. Just out of curiousity, did your dr say how long it usually takes for the met to start making a difference? My dr says it can take 9 months, and I wasn't sure if other drs think it's quicker.

Jen said...

Good luck this month!
I also would never put egg whites in my hoo-ha. I don't need salmonella snatch. :)

Faithful Infertile said...

Oh, I am praying it worked!!! We could be DDC buddies! Good luck, chica!!!!

Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

AllYou... Pre-Seed is a sperm-friendly lubricative that you can purchase online. It's supposedly pH balanced to be similar to fertile CM, and it's helpful for those dry days. When I O'd 2 days after Peak a few cycles ago, I asked my Dr if she thought I should use it in the count of 3. She said, "Can't hurt!"

For some reason, my Dr. didn't start me on Met until Dec. of last year. I had already been on Clomid since March '07, and she knew I had PCOS, but I guess she figured I didn't have IR. When she did start me on it, though, she said it has been shown to help even in women who don't have IR, but have PCOS. That was all- no timeline for when it would start "working." Sorry.

Jen, you continue to crack me up! Isn't your bean supposed to be stealing all of your brain function and sense of humor by now?

Faithful, I REALLY want to be DDC buddies with you!! May is such an awesome month for a new baby, too!

Jodi said...

I still LOL about egg whites in the who-ha! I'm TOTALLY impressed with a PCOS woman Oing on CD14 WITHOUT MEDS! That is amazing. I can't wait to see the outcome of this month. Hopefully the CM wasn't too much of an issue :)

Hafsa said...

That's good news for ya! I'm always hopeful that when I get the pressure in my lower abdomen it means cycle starting or maybe more. I've actually had to stop stocking up on pregnancy tests, because I took them waaay too early. I'll just ride this out to see what it is :) I hope there's news soon on your end, but the progress (ovulation on CD 14) shows a good sign right?