Saturday, August 9, 2008

I Cheated...

but I just had to. I looked up my estimated due date if I had conceived this cycle. And to my surprise, I can still have an April baby! (This whole time I thought it'd be May, since I think last cycle I would have been due early April.)

Two reasons why I did this.

First, you may remember me saying I had this nagging feeling that I would have a newborn baby in the Springtime... maybe NOT next spring, but I do think it was supposed to be next spring in my "visions."

Second, I recently finished a Novena to St. Therese. Up until this point, I've done most of my Novenas after ovulation (it kills time in the 2ww, and keeps me calm). But this time, I decided to start the Novena 9 days before my estimated ovulation date, so that I would end the Novena on the same day that I could possibly conceive. Well, as some of you may know, St. Therese has promised to let fall a shower of roses upon her death, and during her life in heaven. And the prayer to her goes, "St. Therese, please pick a rose from the heavenly gardens and send it to me with a message of love." So after finishing a Novena to her, you are supposed to see a flower somewhere, somehow, in your daily path, and know it is from her. (It works every time for me.) With the exception of this time. You all can surely guess what my prayer intent was this time... but at the end of the Novena, no flower.
I was thinking about it last night, wondering if St. Therese would send me that flower WHEN my prayer was answered instead. Then, this morning, my husband came in carrying a hand-picked bouquet of the most gorgeous flowers I've ever seen!! (He will sometimes buy me flowers for no reason, but not very often... and he's never picked them!) I immediately teared up. This was my sign from St. Therese!! I told him about the prayer, and he said it was so weird, because he had this overwhelming feeling when he got out of the car in our driveway, to go pick me some flowers. (He had no idea I had done this Novena.) So, St. Therese has sent me this message of love... and of course I am so happy that she is up there petitioning on our behalf. Whether or not we have conceived this cycle, I know that we will some day.

Our Consecration to Mary ends next Friday, on the Assumption. I'm thinking of testing the next day, if AF hasn't shown. Haven't figured it out yet. Only reason I'll test at all is because our Anniversary is the 19th, so I'll want some time to "plan" how to tell DH on our Anniversary. Of course, these are all pipe dreams. I always have some lavish, elaborate plan on telling him each month, and they all get squashed.

In cycle news, I am 7dpo, and P+8 today. And this may be my first "normal" cycle since the surgery. I say that because I have not had any post-Peak peak type mucus, and I have not had sore bbs at all (until today, slight soreness on the sides, but nothing compared to the last few cycles). Still having a lot of post-peak pasty, but I didn't expect surgery to take care of that.

How's everyone else's cycle going?


Hafsa said...

Beautiful story :)

Karey said...

I'm glad your cycle is normal because my cycle, which had been getting more normal, has taken a turn for the worse. It's all sorts of screwed up. I just posted about it.

Jodi said...

That is such an inspiring story. How great that would be if you got your BFP after such an experience. It's great news that your cycles are returning to a somewhat normal state and that you are STILL Oing on your own...this excites me. Keeping you in my prayers, as always :)