Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Just had a Dr's Appt. Had a Pap and an exam to check my cervix (all the post-Peak tacky, gummy, or stretchy mucus met criteria for a possible cervical infection). Turns out I did have a low-grade infection, but nothing requiring treatment at this time.
We also discussed our upcoming plans. Since we missed the last 2 cycles for u/s series on Femara (Dr was away both times), we're going to do a baseline u/s on CD 5 next cycle, as well as a series starting CD 12. I'm back on Amoxicillin as a mucus enhancer next cycle, since my mucus this cycle wasn't the best quality.

My P+7 b/w came back at 36 for progesterone, 436 for estradiol. About normal for me on a medicated cycle. I finally remembered to ask the question I've been wondering about for a long time, though, which is if there were 2 mature follies that ruptured, and 2 corpus lutei, do they produce twice the amount of progesterone? The answer: Yes! I was wondering if I had a double ovulation this month, since my ovaries were both extremely sensitive on O day. I guess I'll never know, though.
Not much else to report. Obviously I'm not holding out too much hope for this cycle, since I'm already talking about the next one. But it's ok this time, since I haven't had any strange and new "symptoms" to keep me on my toes, I can actually prepare for let-down.


Jodi said...

I get this sense of satisfaction when I read your blog about what all your Dr.'s are doing for you in assistance with TTC. It's so informative! I know you aren't holding out much hope for this cycle, but I'll throw in some extra prayers for you :)

Karey said...

You are very blessed that your cycles are so monitored. I think we're both blessed with great dr's :)

Yes, we got a free trip to Italy last fall. Since we used to be on tv (I used to be, my husband still is), we were asked to "host" a trip (have you ever seen like retired tv anchors or weathermen advertise for a trip? Usually young people like us aren't asked to do it! So we shot a commercial and that's all we had to do!). It was a group tour (and incidently, of the 30 + retirees on the trip we made a bunch of great friends!). We went to Rome, Venice, Florence, Verona, and a few other small towns. Delicious free meals every night. It was amazing. I prayed for a trip to Italy so we could get video of the Vatican and the Pope for the movie, and that prayer was obviously answered.