Monday, August 18, 2008

25 Random Facts

Thanks, All You Who Hope, I haven't had anything to write about in a while, so this will keep me busy :) Here are 25 Random Facts about me:

1. I am online right now shopping at The Company Store, looking for soft down pillows, a featherbed, and comforter covers and shams, for my Anniversary present to DH (which will be late, seeing as it's technically today!) I'm very excited about this, because I've never shopped at The Company Store, but my ex-bff in college turned me on to it, and her bed was THE MOST COMFORTABLE damn thing I've ever slept in.

2. I had braces for a year at age 13, for one snaggle tooth on top... stopped wearing my retainer for some reason, and now I have it again :( So I'm looking into Invisalign since apparently I have lots of time now, what with not popping out any babies.

3. I have 3 sisters. I have 2 sister-in-laws. My 2 SILs have the same first and middle names as 2 of my sisters. And they are 1 year apart from the sisters they share names with. And I have 3 ex-BILs.

4. What I considered my "dream job" out of college was a Kindergarten Catholic School teacher. And I got it! (Then quit it to start a family. Sheesh.)

5. I was the Musical Director of my college women's a cappella group. I arranged 10 songs which were recorded (and many others that were not). My pride and joy was a Cranberries Medley, which I worked on all 3 1/2 years of college and finally taught to the group senior year.

6. Speaking of 3 1/2 years, I entered my college as a "Feb" (a special class of students entering in February- there are about 100 of us each year at my alma mater), and graduated early. So I was only in college 3 1/2 years.

7. I write with my left hand. I play sports with my right. And I taught myself to write on the chalkboard with my right hand, because it doesn't erase that way. So I'm kind of a weird ambi-dextrist.

8. My engagement ring is my DH's grandmother's, from the 1930's. It is absolutely stunning, and just the kind of style I love. (I had to include this, All You... we have so much in common!!)

9. My MIL and I have the same middle name, last name, and first initial. And we live in an apartment attached to their house. She frequently opens my mail by mistake (or so she says, lol!)

10. I went to my oldest sister's graduation (from HS) when I was in 1st grade... decided after seeing the Valedictorian's speech that I wanted to be Valedictorian one day, ... and was :)

11. I went sky-diving (tandem) my freshman semester of college.

12. My DH and I met when he sat next to me on a plane ride from NYC to Venice, Italy. Before officially meeting, he was also behind me at baggage check, where we saw each other and noticed we had the same luggage. Definitely fate.

13. When I was little, I would disappear under the dinner table, then re-appear and perform a sexy dance number a la "Johnny Dangerously" (which I was surprisingly allowed to see at such an early age). I was seriously demented.

14. My Birthday is Christmas in July (July 25), which is how I make people remember it.

15. I had a higher alcohol tolerance in HS than I do now. I come from a small town, small public school, where there wasn't much else to do but drink in an assortment of outdoor venues.

16. I have to sleep with covers on... no matter how hot or humid it is.

17. I used to collect Absolut ads- I have a book full of them.

18. My parents are apparently so fertile that I was conceived with the use of a diaphragm and spermicide. And now I'm infertile. You tell me how this is fair.

19. I will vote based on one, and only one platform alone- abortion. If a candidate is Pro-Life, and willing to actually do something about abortion, I'll vote for him/her. To me, this is the most basic of human rights, and the issue needs more immediate attention than the economy, the environment, or other civil right issues combined.

20. I hate exercising! You couldn't drag me to the gym while I was in college (we had the most gorgeous gym, with an amazing view of the Green Mountains), but to me, exercising is much too solitary. I took a kickboxing class, which was a little more interactive and competitive in nature... and I like yoga... but that's about it.

21. Did I mention today's my 2-Year Wedding Anniversary? :) :) :)

22. I have a somewhat unhealthy attachment to certain foods... like eggplant parm, guacamole, and most recently, multi-grain pancakes with strawberries and blueberries.

23. I can whistle and hum at the same time... but it's very difficult to get both on the same note.

24. We're going to make a chilled strawberry soup tonight, which was also served at our wedding. We have the recipe in our favor book (our favors were little scrapbooks of recipes of our entire wedding meal, along with pictures of DH and I cooking as children and as adults).

25. I keep going back and forth today like a manic-depressive, between being really happy and extremely depressed. I wish my Anniversary wasn't also my TTC Anniversary.


Karey said...

Happy anniversary! I know what you mean about being depressed. Surprisingly, I usually do a pretty good job of blocking out the negative part of the anniversary and presents and good food definitely help!

We do have a lot in common! I also share #16, 19, and 20 with you. And I can't believe how you and your husband met! That is incredible!

Jodi said...

I hope your anniversary was a great one :) I am totally amazed at #23...I tried doing it at my desk this morning and sounded like an idiot...thanks for that :) Glad to read some interesting facts about you.

LifeHopes said...

Happy belated anniversary!

Thanks for sharing all those facts!

I can't wait to read up on invisalign, since I have the same problem. Braces, then retainer, then ... well now they are going crooked again! I want my perfect smile back! I suffered through lots of pain and turmoil to get it!

Faithful Infertile said...

:) Happy late anniversary! And by the way, incase you didn't know: I was a booze hound in High School, too!!! :D