Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Take me off your prayer list...

because I am truly on my way to hell. Really, I just ordered my first-class tickets, since I'm so sure that's my final destination. (Actually, if it's hell, it'd probably be economy. Or a really crowded smoking-car of a train.)

Remember that couple I was telling you about, the guy who sings in my a cappella group and his wife? And how jealous I was that they were pregnant? Well, after a week-long scare with cramps and bleeding (and different Drs telling her different things and giving her different doses of progesterone, but never injections), she lost the baby on Sunday. One day, heartbeat. Next day, none. I feel so incredibly horrible that I was so jealous. But it was more than that. I actually felt hateful feelings towards them... and towards God (yes, I'm admitting this), when I learned she was pregnant.

But finding out about this girl's loss today just broke my heart. And made me realize that I should never, EVER pass judgement on someone's life. I also learned that this was her 3rd m/c. I want so badly to be able to help her, now, and I only hope that in doing so God will forgive me for the way I reacted to her news in the beginning.

Now. Here's the tough part. I have not yet been able to successfully reach out to people who have had a miscarriage and tell them about NaPro. Most people I "know" that have had miscarriages are online, and while I've certainly mentioned it to them, I can't fully "sell" it without seeing them in person and showing them the NaPro brochures. Does anyone have any ideas about how I can approach this girl (which I obviously won't do until a few weeks, maybe a month has passed)? I want to introduce her to NaPro, because I just know in my heart of hearts that with successful NaPro treatment PRE-pregnancy, she can go on to carry full term. How can I do this without seeming "preachy?" Should I loan her the book Women Healed before anything else? Or should I just talk to her about NaPro statistics? Which would be the least pushy, but also the most effective?


Karey said...

I would say the least pushy (not that I think either is pushy, but you know what I mean) would be to give her the book. Maybe just mention what it is when you give her the book? It's just so sad that so many "secular" drs don't know how to prevent miscarriages, and often treat them as not that big of a deal (I feel like I always hear people say that drs tell them to not worry until they've had two. Not worry? Each one is a life!) I'll keep them in my prayers.

And don't be too hard on yourself. We've all been there. I'm constantly reminding myself not to judge others or compare their situation to mine. Recognizing that we do it, and that it is wrong, is half of the battle!

JellyBelly said...

i definitely would approach her with some of the literature -- if you have her e-mail or her husbands, you can give her the website, if not perhaps a pamphlet would be a good start. i came upon the creighton method by chance, and if it wasn't for a friend in the bloggosphere i never would've found the hope that i have now.

and please don't feel guilty. we are human and being human means that we have feelings that aren't always nice. the fact that you recognize your guilt is more than half the battle. i would worry more if you didn't feel guilty!

LifeHopes said...

These things are so difficult. I am so sorry to hear of her loss. (and don't be so hard on yourself. We've all been there) I think you should definitely approach her in the coming weeks - primarily just as a friend trying to offer support.

Then, perhaps the opportunity will present itself that you know of an alternative model that you really believe in and you are actually using yourself.