Monday, July 7, 2008

Somehow I missed it

Ovulation, that is. Yesterday I had all of the "symptoms" of having already O'd. Sore bb's (again, rather early, but apparently not a sign since I had them right after O last month and no pregnancy), and also that full/painful feeling when I sit down. I figured out when I was on Clomid that this feeling was from all of the fluid around my endometrium... I only get it that intense when I'm on meds.

Yesterday's OPK was lighter than the previous 2 days, even though Saturday's was darker than Friday's... so I must have missed the surge sometime between Friday afternoon and Sunday afternoon. Peak (I think) was yesterday, and I've been dry all day today... also good news, since I generally a pasty, cloudy girl in the post-Peak phase. So I'm very happy that O seems to have correlated a little better with my Peak day this cycle, and may have been the day before or the day of Peak.

My acupuncture appt. went well today. My right ovary was particularly sensitive to the needle, which is weird, because I usually feel things on the left ovary (regardless of which ovary I O from).

That's all the news for today. I'm officially in the 2WW!


andnotbysight said...

That's interesting--I feel much more in my left ovary, too. Hmm . . . I'll be saying some prayers for good news at the end of the wait!

LifeHopes said...

I totally get that full achy feeling when on meds, too. I wonder why?

Anyways, I will be praying that this is your month.

Thanks so much for the positive words on my blog! I really need them!