Sunday, July 6, 2008

Quite the Surprise...

I was actually craving a BD session last night with DH! Imagine that! Seriously, I haven't wanted to BD just for the sake of intimacy for a looooong time. And ya know what? It was good! DH admitted afterwards that he "wasn't thinking about trying to conceive," almost like he felt guilty for it... but I really wasn't, either. Even though, yes, I had some great fertile CM, and yes, my OPK was still on the verge of being +, and yes, I immediately propped a pillow under my hips after recuperating, for optimum sperm travel. But DURING... it was just nice to finally be with DH again and be close like that without worrying about all the details of conception.

I called and made an acupuncture appointment for Monday morning. I had assumed I would ovulate late last night or early today, but my OPK still wasn't truly + yesterday. It will probably be + today, so tomorrow should be awesome timing for an acupuncture treatment.

Next week I begin my Consecration to Mary. (Look at that, I made a link!) I think DH will do it with me again this year. I can't help but think that all of the pieces are falling into place this cycle... of course, my hopes always tend to get high around the time of ovulation, but this cycle just means SO much to me. It is the THIRD cycle post-NaPro surgery ("3rd time's a charm"), it is my FIRST Femara cycle (I've heard so many success stories for the 1st Femara cycle, including "and not by sight"), and my birthday is on the 25th, so I will be able to test by or on my birthday. I still have SO much faith that the surgery has healed me of my infertility, and I blame bad timing on the failure of the last 2 cycles. I am READY, God! Please bless my DH and I with the greatest gift of life!!

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