Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm a Catechist!

Last week during the daily Mass, Father mentioned that they only need 2 more catechists this year... and since I'm not teaching this year in school, I decided to sign up! I met with the Director of Religious Ed. today, and I will have a class of 14 4th-graders. (I would have preferred Kindergarten, but this will be a nice way to branch out and get experience in the upper Elementary grades.) I'm excited about it! And hopefully, the more involved I get with the church, the more people will be willing to help me set up FertilityCare services for the parish.

OK, now I have a technical question- I have made my blog public, and searchable on google, because I hope to be a source of support and information for fellow Catholic IF'ers (which is how I originally came here myself, after doing a similar search online). However, no one I know IRL knows about my blog. Just online IF friends, and people who have "found" me via search engines. My sister just called earlier to tell me that she found my blog by doing a google search on her name (I had put her name under my wedding photo, since she took it), and she suggested I remove her name if I don't want people knowing my personal business... well, I did that. But my blog is still coming up when I search for her name. I tried to change my settings so that search engines can't find my blog (which I really didn't want to do, for the aforementioned reasons), but that didn't work, either. Does anyone know what I need to do? Or will my "old blog" always appear, since I once had my sister's name on it? Help!

And, since this IS a Catholic infertility blog, and we were recently discussing IVF, I thought I'd include a message I posted on a website yesterday. (I'm almost embarassed to admit which website. Let me preface this by saying that I did a google on Brad and Angelina's IVF, because I was so flabbergasted at the fact that they reportedly chose this procedure for convenience!! Like I've said before, many of my friends have done IVF, and I can't think of ONE of them who would call the procedure convenient!) Anyway, when I did the search, the "I Heart Angelina" webpage came up (I know, I know), and people were discussing this latest news. One woman began the discussion with the following argument:

Why in the world would Angelina go through IVF, when she had a perfectly healthy pregnancy just 2 years ago naturally? That is crazy, I never thought someone like her, who believes in adoption would use science to get pregnant. If anyone out there has been through this knows, it is an extremely unnatural and invasive procedure…..I mean a man can get pregnant this way! Also, the babies usually experience health problems and are born prematuraly…..this is not how God wanted us to get pregnant. The woman must also undergo hormone therapy months prior to the procedure…….it is so unnatural! I don’t know if I believe she did it, or what doctor would do it to her ifr she just has a baby naturally 2 years ago.

You can imagine the kinds of comments and remarks that were made after this woman's post. Most were insulting, some accusatory, and all were defensive in nature. (People wrote in who had had previous IVFs, which resulted in their current children, which of course would make anyone defensive.) Among the remarks were statements like, "You are clearly uneducated," "Where do you get your statistics from?" "You obviously never had to suffer from infertility," and then the more blatantly insulting comments of, "I hope you rot in hell" (which I personally found beyond rude and immature), and "Go back to HS health class, and man can't get pg with IVF." I felt compelled to post a reply to all of this (don't ask why... I seriously doubt that anyone will be moved to seek out NaPro Technology while surfing the I Heart Angelina webpage!!), so this is what I posted:

As an infertile woman, who has been told by Drs that my only chance for pregnancy was IUI or IVF, I am happy to defend Mirabella in her previous statements. It probably did come across as harsh to those that take part in IVF, but the facts of the matter (and yes, I am a professional FertilityCare expert) remain that IVF is NOT natural conception. It is not the way God designed it. While I can understand first-hand the overwhelming desire to have a child (I suffer from primary infertility), I would urge women to explore alternative methods before submitting to the idea that “IVF is the only chance.” I guarantee that if you can get pregnant with IVF, you can get pregnant naturally with NaPro Technology. With NaPro, the underlying cause of IF is found, and fixed, making natural conception once again possible. And for us women who yearn for children so bady, why would we ever consider discarding some or most of them via IVF?

I believe the “man” to whom Mirabella referred is the woman who had a sex change and became pregnant through an IVF procedure… which is in and of itself disturbing

The point HERE is that Brad and Angelina reportedly chose IVF NOT for infertility reasons, but rather for scheduling purposes. And I hope we would all agree that this type of procedure, which puts the women under tons of physical stress, can often result in OHSS, ovarian cysts, and other problems, AND does surpass nature’s “filter” for abnormal sperm (the cervical mucus), thus often resulting in certain abnormalities for the baby/babies (which cannot always be seen immediately, for example, many IVF children from the 70’s and 80’s are now experiencing infertility issues)- should not be entered into for such whimsical and selfish reasons. I can guarantee that no one here chose IVF as their 1st option when they decided to TTC…

All of this being said, I don’t believe Mirabella was passing any judgement on the children that result from IVF. I do realize it’s a sensitive subject, and when you poke at a wound, it will re-open… but lashing out at someone for voicing their opinions on the matter (most of which ARE based on fact), is not helpful, nor is it mature. A life is a life. Period. No life is more precious than another, just because of “how” it was conceived. But I am a firm believer that those other embryos, the ones that didn’t make the transfer in all IVFs, are also precious lives, which should not be judged. Please don’t assume that anyone who opposes IVF must never have suffered infertility. THAT would be the uneducated statement.

(I included the youtube video of the Epolites, who failed 2 IVF cycles and then tried NaPro and succeeded. We learned about this couple in my practitioner training- - they were asked to speak at a FertilityCare Centers of America Convention, about how much NaPro had helped them, and how they felt much more valued as human beings than they had been at the IVF clinics. After their speech, they announced that they were 4 wks pregnant!! Total surprise to the crowd, and Dr. Hilgers, but TELL ME that wasn't God's plan!)

I stretched the truth just a tad in the first statement... I was never told my only chance for pg was IUI or IVF. I was told that I had little chance without IUI (by the ob/gyn who performed my HSG), but because I went straight to NaPro (thank God), I never had to deal with someone telling me I had no chance outside IVF. BUT I know for a fact that I would have been told this had I gone to any other Dr. In fact, sometimes I think of going to an RE just for a consultation, just to see what he would say to us. Maybe I will!

That's all for today. OH, and of course I'll just have to say what a PHENOMENAL SHOW the final 6 dancers put on last night!!! I was more than impressed with Courtney and Mark- they really stepped up their game. And Twitch may actually be in trouble, now, since he did not do as well as Mark (imo). And Katee and Joshua? Need I say more? Heaven on stage. I love Chelsie, too. Can't wait for the Finale!!

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Karey said...

First, good comment on I Heart Angelina. But just be honest - you check I Heart Angelina several times a day. It's okay. We won't think less of you!

As for your google question - I had a similar situation. I don't include my uniquely-spelled first name for that reason, and the mistake I made was including the name of my movie. And even when I removed that and thought I was safe, I realized I had the movie's website url still on my IF blog and that was directing people I knew to it. As for yours, once they click through it won't be there now, but as you know it's still there in the search results. I think a search engine robot or spider or whatever they're called has to find your site again before it changes, and that can take a day to up to a week or so. After that, though, you'll be fine.

And poor Chelsie! I would have liked her to stay over Courtney, but at this point they're all so good. Can't wait for next week!