Saturday, July 12, 2008

Here Comes the Hope Again...

falling on my head like a memory... (Name that Tune for $5. Very good. Now go to your wallet and take out $5. You didn't think I was going to pay you, did you?)

So it's P+6. Possibly 7 dpo, but at least 6. And I should warn you before you get as excited as I am (because we all know that you react to every tiny little sign of my 2ww with as much intense emotion as I do) that my cycles have been rather whacky since surgery. Long periods (which just started to get shorter) Peak-type mucus post-Peak (starting in the count of 3), sore bbs immediately after O out of nowhere (last cycle and now this cycle). So, it's been a little more difficult to create early pregnancy symptoms since I have virtually nothing to compare to now. Darn. My favorite 2WW past-time.

But anyway, just went to the bathroom and there it was. The ever elusive "could it be" implantation mucus. Now, from my Creighton courses, I did learn that some women get implantation mucus instead of implantation bleeding, around the same time implantation bleeding would occur. It's not as common, and actually, my Dr. rarely sees implantation bleeding, anyway- I think less than 1/5 of her patients have had it. So what are the chances, really, that I would be having something even less common? But the part that got me so excited (and you too, of course) is that I haven't had any other post-Peak peak type mucus this cycle. AND this time it's not the gummy (usually I would have a 10CGL or a 10C/KG or something of that nature). This time, stretchy, clear/cloudy, lubricative. Out of nowhere. On P+6.

I really should know by now that God has quite a sense of humor. Especially when it comes to me and the 2ww. It's like every time He senses that I'm getting impatient, or too "controlling" of my TTC, He'll throw a bunch of early pregnancy signs my way to remind me, "Hey, Missy! You think you know better than Me? You think things should happen in YOUR time, not Mine?" Ok, ok, I don't think God is intentionally cruel like that. But He does have a way of knocking some sense into me when I need it most.

I'm getting my b/w done on Monday. It always seems like I ovulate on a weekend! What's with that?!! My P+7 is usually on a Sunday, meaning I have to get it at P+8 instead. Weird.
Other symptoms this time around? Sore bbs (and they keep getting more sore, but that's no surprise if it's from Progesterone... my P4 should be peaking right around now. And I think my P4 tends to drop dramatically and rapidly in a day before AF, judging from past cycles when I used to temp). Also, my skin has been pretty good lately. No breakouts, and my chest and back are a lot smoother, too. That can all change the day before my period, too.

Tomorrow will be the 4th day in a Novena to St. Ann, and the 1st day of my Consecration to Mary. PLEASE, dear Lord, may these prayers bring me closer to Your glory, and bring special graces into my life (I needn't mention to most desired grace...)


Jen said...

I hope it's a good sign for you!! Definitely sounds unusual, but I also understand your hesitation. Your body can really play tricks on you during the 2ww!

Fingers crossed!

Fat Girl said...

I hope the different pattern this cycle is a good sign. I also just wanted to point out that you could be having a double peak... That is probably more common implantation mucus. Have you been under stress lately? I was sorely disappointed one cycle when I thought I was probably pregnant but ended up having a double peak cycle. If you have peak type mucus tomorrow that might be a good sign...

Good luck! Prayers are always helpful. =)