Monday, June 23, 2008

Here's What Probably Happened

I think I ovulated 2 days after my Peak Day. I finally have a heavy flow today, with the most scanty spotting EVER at P+15 (two instances of 6BG, that I would have missed easily if not checking every 5 minutes), and then PBC AD at P+16. I counted yesterday as CD 2, and started my Femara (I assumed I wouldn't have 3 days of spotting, since my hormone levels were fine.)

But here's the evidence that I may have ovulated later than Peak. First, AF was definitely "late," if going solely by my Peak Day. I just got my hormone levels back from Dr. J, and they were in fact increasing from P+6 to P+8 and even to P+10. Also, my OPKs were + on Peak Day and the day after (then I stopped taking them). Finally, my temps for my thyroid sheet did jump up after day 18, which was P+2. (If I plug in my +OPK dates on Fertility Friend, it does change my O date to CD 18.)

Now, this actually makes me feel a little better. Why? Because now have a good reason why it didn't work last cycle. We selected P-1 and P+1. On P+1, there was no good cm for the little swimmers, so they would have died within hours if there was no egg ready and waiting for them. Then, on P+2 (when I likely O'd), there may have not been many left from 3 days before.

So my plan for this cycle is to use Pre-Seed in the count of 3, just in case something like this happens again. DH also said he wants to go full-speed ahead for 4 days before Peak and 4 days after, lol! Hopefully the Femara will help my CM line up better with my ovulation, though.

This is my last chance at a pregnancy by age 26! And I begin my renewal-Consecration to Mary in mid-July, too... I know Mary will lead me through this next month, no matter what happens.


LifeHopes said...

I am sorry this cycle didn't work out. But it sounds like you are putting all the pieces together and have a nice game plan for next time.
I have found I don't get so depressed when I can go ahead and start taking the Femara for the next cycle.

JellyBelly said...

before i discovered creighton and charting i think we were BD on the wrong days! i know now that it wouldn't have worked since i have low progesterone AND ureaplasma, but i felt so silly when i figured it out.

i think that while we're in france i'm going to push for a daytrip to lourdes. i definitely think that it'll help me feel more hopeful about all of this TTC stuff!

Fat Girl said...

I'm also a late ovulator (P+2 was common for me). I definitely think your pre-seed post peak idea is good. It's nice that your husband is so gung-ho!

Beth said...

Try the KP method (my husband's "scientific" method that he thinks is the ONLY way to go) That is: every other day from day 8 to day 22! He thinks with an every OTHER day program, the little guys have time to build back up, and that with that number of tries you are bound to hit the right day! It worked for us - once so far. I actually don't think we've been THAT ambitious yet as we try for number 2 :) Maybe we should!

Beth said...

If you want to talk you can email me regs78 at yahoo

Hope you're feeling better!!