Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Just got another referral today for new clients :) I'm hoping to keep myself very busy with Creighton Model stuff this summer... it will also serve to keep me from jumping off the nearest cliff if my "Pregnant by 26" goal doesn't quite come to fruition.

So how did I spend my day? First, I sat down to do those Italian interviews I wrote about a while ago (translating for a friend). After rewinding and listening to the same response about 57 times, I finally realized, "Hey. Maybe my Italian has gone down the flusher." I am so not able to do this anymore, which is so sad :( We called my hubby's friend in Italy to see if he could help us out. I'm also going to email my friend to see if she'd like to make a few extra $$ (it actually is a really easy assignment if you can hear the answers... but the people speak so fast that I can only understand the interviewER... and that doesn't help me.) So hopefully between the 2 of them, I'll be able to get this done and successfully NOT screw over my friend, who needs them by early next week.

Then, I spent the remainder of the day googling "Femara success, pregnancy" and variations of those 3 words. Surprisingly, most success stories that I've read or heard about on Femara occured in the FIRST MONTH of use. In-ter-est-ing. Now, I'm not saying I'll be that lucky... I'm just stating the facts, people ;)

OK, and now here's the not-so-great news, which makes me feel so incredibly horrible, and like I should just jump in my handbasket right now and press the button for hell: the friend I told you about in my singing group? He didn't come to rehearsal last night. Why? His wife had a "medical emergency" which I come to find out later was cramping and heavy bleeding. She had an early miscarriage a couple of years ago, before they were married. I can't BELIEVE I was so heartless and selfish when I found out she was pregnant. If you have a moment, would you please say a prayer that everything is ok with the baby? I also hope that I can talk her into going to see Dr. J, because I'm sorry, I don't care how much some Drs claim to be the "best" for at-risk pregnancies, no one values life like a NaPro Dr. I know Dr. J can help her, I just know it.

Oh bummer, I'm missing So You Think You Can Dance!!! Gotta run...

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Karey said...

I'm praying for your friends and their baby. How sad. And I can second you on Dr. Jean. She's a great woman. I hope you can talk them into going to see her.

And I LOVE SYTYCD! I'm DVR'ing it right now. Go Twitchington!