Friday, June 27, 2008

Day 7

It is currently Day 7 of the Cycle in which I will conceive my very first baby :) (See that, I'm back to my positive thinking already!) And if we're speaking in gestational terms, then I am already 7 days pregnant :) Or 4 or 5, because I don't think I've ever ovulated on day 14 in my life.

So far with the Femara, I've noticed the past 2 nights I've been rather warm. Not as bad as the hot flashes on Clomid, but definitely a change from the past 2 cycles. I guess that just means it's working. I'm still on my period, but it's light now. After the surgery I have had really long periods, so I'm hoping this one will be a bit shorter and more normal for me.

For those of you NaPro patients out there who have used Femara (Letrozole), did you take it just in one dose, also? This is what Dr. S.tegman wanted me to do, and Dr. J confirmed. Apparently they want you to take it in one dose on Day 2 of the cycle, because they want it all in you as soon as possible while at the same time ensuring there is no pregnancy. After all of my research online, I've found that most other Drs just seem to Rx it for the same days at Clomid (5-9 or 3-7), and not all in one dose. I wonder if it makes a stronger ovulation if you take it all at once...? Anyone have any ideas?

I WILL conceive this cycle, I WILL! July will mark my 23rd month of TTC. It will also mark my 27th birthday (the 25th). If my calculations are correct, even if I ovulate a tad later on Femara, I should still be able to test by my birthday. And my due date if I conceive will be right around the time Spring is starting next year :) I just love that idea. Now, I may not be able to make DH a daddy by the time he turns 30 (March 28), it will be cutting it a bit close for that... but I had an image a few months ago, right around the time of my surgery. It was like a daydream, but much more vivid (I don't know if that makes any sense... it was like a dream you have while sleeping, but I was awake at the time). Anyway, in this vision I was pushing a stroller around my neighborhood in NY where I grew up. Inside the stroller was by beautiful little baby (not a toddler, it was definitely small). For some reason I just FELT so strongly that the image was sent to me from above, as an assurance that I would be living that dream next Spring. Now, maybe it has some other meaning that I have not quite figured out... maybe next Spring is the time that our baby will be born, but we will be adopting him/her a little later in life... or maybe it means I will have a baby in Springtime, but not necessarily next Spring... but I can't shake the overwhelming feeling that it was meant to be our biological child, NEXT Spring 2009.

Also to note, I just LOVE baptisms in the weeks after Easter :) Obviously, you can't baptize during Lent, and our due date would be a little before Easter 2009. So we may be able to baptize on the 2nd or 3rd Sunday of Easter! The way our parish does it is so nice, too... they incorporate baptisms into the regular Mass on those Sundays, so that the entire parish is involved in welcoming the newest members. I would love to baptize our baby like that. Though I'm also torn about it... I would also love to have the priest that married us baptize our first child in the church where we were married (in NY). Well, I have plenty of time to think more on that subject.

Something tells me this will be a fantastic summer for all of us :)


Fat Girl said...

I love how positive you sound in this post! Yay! I hope this summer is fantastic for you too! =)

andnotbysight said...

Me, too--hooray for the positive attitude! :)

When I was prescribed femara, it was for one dose on Day 2 also (though I actually took it on Day 5, because Day 1 was a Friday night, so I didn't get to do my cycle review with the nurse until Day 5).