Saturday, June 14, 2008

Apparently I'm Bored

...though I don't even see how that can be possible. I have so much work to do, on this house, on the office (for my new business!), plus I'm supposed to start translating some documents for my friend who works at a bio-technological firm that tests pharmaceuticals... clearly not my area of expertise, but I did major in Italian, and they need me to translate the interviews with the Italian pharmacists and Drs. Last year I did the same project for this friend, and the product they were interviewing about happened to be some kind of penis spray to maintain an erection, like a spray-on Viagra. Even with my degree in Italian, I got a whole new Italian vocabulary after that assignment.

I just went for my P+7 b/w. This month my Dr had me get P+5, P+7, and P+9. I have 3 separate Rx sheets with what kinds of tests she wanted on each day. Of course, being a woman approaching her 3rd year of TTC, I read through all of the sheets to see exactly what I'm getting done. P+5 (more or less 5 dpo for you non-Creightoners) was just the basic progesterone and estradiol level check. Today's, P+7, was a bunch of stuff, including P4 and E2, testosterone, free T4, T3, vitamin D-3, Iron and IBC, Androgens, and a couple other things I forget now. And my P+9 b/w calls for (ready for this?): P4, E2, and an hCG Quantitative. Now, my Dr never mentioned she was throwing this last one in there... was she trying to sneak one by me? She probably just wants to see if I'm pregnant as soon as possible so if need be she can put me on P4 injections, but how could she think I wouldn't read these Rxs?!
Oh, and since the original P+7 (7dpo) date fell on a Sunday when LabCorp is closed, she told me to push everything back one day, so that we still get a clear every-other-day picture of my hormone levels. So technically, the hCG will be at P+10, or 10 dpo (Monday.) I am so nervous. It'll suck next week to NOT get a call from my Dr's office with the results :(

So, as I go in to LabCorp for about the millionth time today, the woman who is always there finally recognizes me (she never has before, even though I'm there every month). She asks me as she sticks the needle practically into my bone (she butchers me every time, I think LabCorp must have found her on the streets and gave her a good home) "Are you trying to get pregnant?" Um, yeah, lady. Just like I told you last June when you asked, and then again last December when you asked. Then she continues to insult my veins ("This one's really not a good one!") and poke and prod around under my skin. Finally she finishes (is it any surprise that she takes about twice as long as the nurse at my Dr's office?) and pushes her little piece of gauze on the puncture wound. And what's with the masking tape they put on your arm? Just because my insurance covers b/w in full, does that mean I shouldn't be entitled to a good old-fashioned band-aid? It's bad enough she leaves me black and blue every single time, but then I have the added discomfort of yanking off all of my arm-hair in a 3" x 3/4" area? I see the cute little Garfield band-aids sitting right there on the table, so I know you have them. Seriously, masking tape? LabCorp is a bunch of sadists.

So now I have this lovely experience to look forward to again on Monday, third time in a week. Except after Monday I'll be holding my breath for the next few days waiting for the call that I know won't be coming from my Dr. Usually her office will call me with any b/w results (for the progesterone levels), but the office will be closed through Monday while the Dr is still getting back from Rome. Plus, last month I had to wait a long time to get my P+7 results because the office system is going completely computerized, and they are adjusting to some labs still sending in results via fax. Not to mention, I know my Dr will be extremely busy catching up with all other patients come Tuesday, after being away so long. So I don't expect a call with my P4 results... that being said, I do know that if she saw a positive beta result for me, she would call me personally, and immediately. "No news is bad news" for me next week.

I'm already thinking of what kind of drink I'd like next week to celebrate my inability to get pregnant. Maybe a margarita... mmm.

OH, and in more positive news- - Maybe If You Just Relax just got her long-awaited BFP!!! Please keep her, her DH, and the little bean/s in your prayers!! :) Congrats, Jen!


Karey said...

Italian? Wow! That's fascinating that you majored in it!

I hope you get good news, but if not, go with the margarita. I don't drink (I kind of have an allergy) but if I did I would have a pina colada at the end of each cycle!

So my temps aren't necessarily low, but they did drop a bit. They were at 98.6 a couple days ago but dropped to 98.3 yesterday and 98.0 today. I will say that I have a bad cold and it started right when my temps rose, so it could have been a fever and maybe the current temp is the normal one (which is still high compared to my pre peak days). We'll soon find out!

Jen said...

Hey, thanks for the shout out! :)

I'm hoping that the only drink you're tipping back next week is a Shirley Temple!