Saturday, June 21, 2008

15dpo and still a no-show

I've never had a longer post-Peak phase (LP) than 14 days before my surgery. And I could only even achieve a real post-Peak phase on meds before that... so this is definately weird. Why can't she just start so I can get on with my life? Must she ruin my plans for margaritas tonight, too? (She didn't ruin my excessive punch-drinking at the shower, however, lol!)

My temp this morning was 98.9! WHAT is going on?! My breasts are still sore, too... all of this is normal, I usually don't get the temp drop and the non-sore bbs until the morning she arrives, but why does she have to be so late? I want to pop my fertility drugs, dammit! The only sign that she may be on her way is a little bit of "tinged" creamy mucus when I wipe today. It's like dark-ish yellow. I still haven't received my levels from the b/w series... I called the office to see what they were on P+10, because if they were really high at that point, then at least I could expect AF to be late. Whatever.

I did have a fantastic time at the shower yesterday. It was an amazing turnout, and my friend was so happy. My gift rocked, too :) I did a summer/beach theme, and gave her a basket of swimmy diapers, 2-piece bathing suit, sunscreen, sun hat, sunglasses... and then this gorgeous sundress that I couldn't pass up. Everyone got her such adorable things, this little girl is already so loved by our church community. (We held the shower in the church hall. My friend works as the church secretary, so pretty much everyone in attendance was a parishioner.)

Oh, and happy Summer everyone! Here's to our Summer BFPs!


LifeHopes said...

I know exactly how you feel.

In fact, I too am expecting you know who this weekend. It sucks to have to wait for the inevitable.

But who knows? It aint over til its over.

Jen said...

Well, I hope she stops screwing around with you!
Happy summer to you, too! :)