Saturday, May 24, 2008

What a Test

Well, spot turned into full-fledged flow this morning. I knew I was in for trouble when I woke up and my breasts weren't sore anymore.

I did cry. The part that got me was the strangeness of my post-Peak phase this month... I have NEVER had peak-type mucus post-peak, except for the occasional pre-menstrual endometrial fluid... and I've never had spotting as early as 11 dpo. My post-Peak phase was only 10 days, which means my progesterone probably was low. The other stinker is that now this cycle I won't be able to do Letrezole as planned, since I was supposed to take one dose on day 3 (which is technically today). My appt. with Dr. J is Thursday. I guess we'll plan on Letrezole for July.

Here are some good things that I can glean out of this weekend:

1) I am now more motivated than ever to get my Creighton Model FertilityCare Center up and running. I will speak to Dr. J about possibly working as a liason with her office, too, which had been mentioned before (that would be SUCH a blessing!)

2) With no school job in Sept, Rob and I can plan our trip to Cancun (his family has a timeshare they won't be using then) that month! Man, do we badly need a vacation! (And no, I don't think going on vacation will make me pregnant, just to clear that up!)

3) My cycles are becoming much more normal in length... so I don't have too long to wait until Peak Day :)

4) I can now have a few drinks and celebrate Memorial Day in style.

and 5)... now I have a chance to go visit the St. Gianna shrine in PA before Peak. I did not pray as much as I normally do this past cycle, so I need to get back into a praying habit.

So, I suppose this is an example of embracing my cross. What could have been the worst weekend of my life has now exhibited at least 5 motivators for me to continue on and learn from every experience God hands me. Because really, I can just sit and wallow for longer, but nobody likes a sourpuss.


Karey said...

That's exactly what happened to me in March, and it was the first time it had ever happened. And I've spotted each cycle since then. I still don't know definitively what it is, but PPVI said it's likely low progesterone. I just wonder why I never saw it pre-surgery.

One question for ya, since you're an expert! So if I spotted for two days at the end of my cycle, did my cycle actually start the first day of spotting? Sorry! I couldn't remember.

Jen said...

Um...I kind of like a sourpuss. Really.

But seriously, it is excellent that you can see the good through the bad. I'm sorry AF showed, but I'm glad you're able to take it in stride.

mel said...

Aunt Flo is like having the most annoying/rude/tactless relative or inlaw show up and make a stupind "oh you're still trying" comment. Dont feel to bad, its just like you said, we are not in control.

andnotbysight said...

I'm catching up here--I'm sorry that you had such a bad week! I'm so glad, though, that you've been able to be so positive about where you are right now!