Monday, May 19, 2008

Finished EPII

Education Phase II, that is... the course was great, very informative. One of the best parts was having my Dr there to lecture and help us decipher some advanced cases/charts. (Dr. J is like my 2nd Mother. Actually, I see her much more often than my own mother these days!)

I'm really stoked to start bringing the Creighton Model out into my community. Can't wait to start doing large Introductory Sessions and follow-ups (with people other than my sisters and friends who I forced to be my clients for EPI, lol!)

Anyway, I did want to say that Mother's Day was not bad, for 2 reasons. 1) I Peaked on Mother's Day, and probably ovulated the night before, or the morning of :) and 2) For the first time that I have EVER seen, my priest at my hometown parish did the most comprehensive, beautiful Mother's Day blessing. After blessing the mothers who were standing, he blessed all mothers who are no longer with us, adoptive mothers, mothers of children who are no longer with us, and those mothers who long to become mothers but who are having diffuculties trying to conceive. (He knows about our situation, because my mother had him pray for me during the surgery last month.) We were right in the 2nd row, and I had to work really hard at not breaking down right there in church when he said that... I know a tear or two did drop. It was so meaningful, and I'm so happy that somebody FINALLY acknowledged ALL mothers.

How mysterious God is. Just as I had promised, I never prayed for myself all Mass, but in the beginning of Mass I lit a candle for all women who have suffered a miscarriage. And in answer to my prayer, God blessed me, too :)

I'm very hopeful for this cycle... for those Creighton charters out there, my mucus cycle score was a perfect 16!! (10KLs every day for 6 days leading up to Peak!) But my latest "goal" is to become pregnant before I turn 27 (July 25), so I won't be devastated if it didn't work out this month. I had my P+ 7 bloodwork today, will have the results tomorrow. I've learned the hard way not to put too much into those #s, though. It's just a precaution, really. If they're too low, I'll probably need an injection, but luckily, I've never had them in the danger zone before (on the contrary, they're usually sky high).

As for "symptoms" (remember I said I was the Queen of Early Pregnancy Symptoms?), I woke up on P+7 (yesterday, technically) with sore breasts. I usually get them a few days before my period, but never this early. I've felt kinda warm on and off lately, too. That's about it so far this month. I think I'll "know" when I'm pregnant because the only symptom I've yet to create in my head is heartburn, so I secretly feel like God will let me know by sending me heartburn!

Oh, for those of you who expressed interest in becoming a Creighton Model Practitioner, this year's East Coast training program is in Connecticut (Stamford, I think?) Drop me a line if you're interested in getting an application. It's TOTALLY worthwhile :) I truly do feel called to do this work.


Karey said...

What is a mucus cycle score? I chart Creighton, but I've never heard of that! Also, if you use to have annovulatory cycles, what did you do to start ovulating?

And that is BEAUTIFUL what the priest said. That's always been my dream for a priest to pray on Mother's Day!

Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

First, Dr. Jean tried to "trick" my body into ovulating by giving me progesterone injections to jumpstart a new cycle. It worked to start my new cycles, but didn't help me pop out the eggs, lol!
Then I started Clomid last March. I ovulated each time on it, but late.
The ovarian wedge resection has proven to be (so far) the best thing for my ovulation. Look Ma, no meds!