Friday, May 23, 2008

Am I in for the Best Weekend of My Life??

... or one of the worst?

I had the spotting again today. It made it to my underwear this time (just slightly), and was B/CP (brown/cloudy pasty). That made me nervous and excited... then I had to go #2 about an hour later (which I've been doing much more frequently than normal, by the way), and at that time there was MORE of it, and it was 10B/K... my heart immediately dropped down to my stomach. Here I was, with my "usual" pre-period BM and some endometrial fluid to go along with it. Then I wiped again after the BM, and there was hardly anything. A few hours later, still nothing, not even discoloration on the tissue.

I am really freaking out now!! I have a feeling this could be a very good sign for me... I just don't know what to do! Here I am again getting my hopes way up, but man, I could really use some fantastic news right about now in my life. I was trying so hard not to put so much into this cycle, but having heard from a woman at my training course that she and a client of hers BOTH got pregnant the cycle after their ovarian wedge/laparoscopy hasn't exactly calmed my nerves! Plus, an online friend just told me she had the same spotting at 11 and 12 dpo, and tested + at 13dpo... this is just too much for me to handle!!

I'll be SUPER busy praying tonight, so I'll make sure to squeeze in a bunch of prayers for all of you. I hope our time has finally come!

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Karey said...

I'm praying for you! Keep us updated!