Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend ramblings...

I suddenly realized today that my initial pre-op consultation with the NaPro surgeon in PA was on Ash Wednesday, and now my follow-up post-op appointment is on Ascension Thursday! How funny is that? Maybe it means something?
I can already feel myself getting anxious about this cycle. I don't want to put so much pressure on it, but I feel like I've been waiting for this cycle for 21 months now... it will be the first cycle that I have a legitimate shot at conceiving. And, technically speaking, if I am healed of the blocked tubes and endometriosis, I'll have a 78% chance on conceiving this month using the Creighton Model, right? But I know, I know. I'll only get myself in trouble thinking that way. I have to stop thinking so selfishly about things. Haven't I learned by now that this is not mine to control?
We watched 16 2nd graders receive their First Holy Communion today. It was so beautiful. The children were accompanied by their parents and the whole family received together... a really nice touch, I thought- but could have been nicer if they kneeled in prayer after coming back to the pews. Makes me want to teach CCD next year- get these kids back to the good ol' tradition of reverence. Anyway, of course I began dreaming of the day I get to baptize my children, and watch them receive all of their Sacraments. How I will cherish each and every one of those moments, now knowing just how precious the gift of their life is to me.
My healing is going really well, I think. I'm interested to see when I will Peak. Oh, I didn't mention in the first blog that I have also been seeing an acupuncturist. He's great- it's been a huge stress reliever for me, and my first 2 months off of Clomid, I did ovulate. I'm not saying that's all his doing, but it's not hurting, that's for sure. I haven't seen him since before the surgery, though, so I'm making an appt. for this week sometime.

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