Friday, April 25, 2008

Just Getting Started

So, I'm a little late in getting started here, but better late than never. I recently found some blogs online of Catholic women "blessed" with the cross of infertility (I know it doesn't always seem like a blessing, hence the quotations), and being treated with NaPro Technology. These blogs have helped me immensely, as it's been so difficult finding real-life accounts of NaPro patients online.
I guess I should start at the beginning (a very good place to start!) I was married in August 2006, and we began trying to conceive immediately. Luckily (and I use this term a lot - it seems that God has put me in all of the right places at the right time in order to truly embrace this cross He has entrusted me with), I had been charting with the Creighton Model for 4 months before my wedding. I immediately knew something was off with my cycles. As luck would have it (yet again), I live not 20 minutes from a NaPro specialist in western NJ. She began treating me in November '06, only 3 months after I had been trying. The bloodwork series revealed some signs of PCOS, which was also evident in my charts, along with anovulation. I began Clomid, and after a couple of months with no success, had a few ultrasound series to verify ovulation. It was truly remarkable to watch my body producing these follicles and releasing eggs (I released 2 one month!), the uterus lining reacting to hormones, and possibly the beginning of the life I was about to conceive. 9 cycles total on Clomid (and Metformin for the last 3 cycles of those) with no success.
In the interim (sometime around June of '07), it was suggested that I see a surgical NaPro Dr out in PA for a laparascopy. (Here's that luck again- instead of flying out to the Pope Paul VI Institute, I could drive 2 hrs to this equally skilled and renowned Dr!) Little did I know how popular he was, or I would have called immediately. I called in September, and got an initial consultation with the Dr in early February!!!! (I remember thinking that the surgery would probably end up being in the Fall of '08 at that rate.) But God is good. The Dr. told me at the consultation that the surgery would most likely be April, May, or June, depending on where I was in my cycle (it needed to be in the early part of my cycle.) I called as soon as I began my next period, and within 24 hrs his nurse returned my call booking the surgery date for April 4th!!!
During this surgery, I had a selective hysterosalpingogram, a hysteroscopy/D&C, a laparoscopy for diagnostic purposes, and then laser removal of the endometriosis that he found (I KNEW I had some somewhere!), and an ovarian wedge resection. Just the thought that I may actually have a shot at ovulating on my own without meds is miraculous to me. I just started my new cycle today, so we'll have to wait and see what happens...
I have my post-op follow up on May 1st. But the Dr. has already told me about the endo. that he found and removed, and that both of my tubes were partially blocked, which he was able to fix with the selective HSG (funny, considering I had a dye HSG in Nov. '07 which revealed clear tubes... what a useless test that was). So far the healing from the incisions (the ovarian wedge incision being the largest) has been good. I was back to work this week, after 2 weeks off, but towards the end of this week I have actually felt much more like myself, which is great.
Anyway... I guess I should keep this short (or is it too late for that?!)- I just think it's fantastic that NaPro is getting the positive attention it deserves, and I wanted to add my voice to that cause. I am actually in the process of becoming a Creighton Model Practitioner this year, as well- something I know would not have happened if I had not been given this cross to embrace.
More later... thanks for reading.

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